LiveWave Antenna Review: Is the Hybrid Antenna Safe?

By | December 22, 2020

OTT services like Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and others have become an essential part of a person’s day to day life, and with 3G, 4G, and 5G networks offering high-speed internet the cord has one foot in the grave.

The number of people installing modernized outdoor antennas and indoor TV antennas to watch movies online, or watch free local channels, latest news, or TV shows is increasing year on year. 

Over the course of years, the antennas niche has witnessed an increase in users mostly because of the increasing use of indoor TV antennas. While indoor antennas have their advantages it can take some a lot of space in your home or office, hybrid antennas are much more convenient. 

LiveWave is one of the most popular hybrid antennas. So we decided to conduct an unbiased LiveWave review and find out if its legit or the hybrid antenna is just a scam.

LiveWave markets itself as the most efficient alternative to a massive antenna that needs to be connected in your attic or inside your room that takes up additional space. The hybrid antenna also claims to deliver the most comforting experience while watching the latest movies and TV shows.

Easy Installation processDelayed Customer service
Antenna mount not requiredHeavy reliability on healthy reception
Changing weather has no impact on LiveWaveLiveWave competitors offer more channels



What is Livewave Antenna?

LiveWave HDTV antenna is a hybrid antenna that is an upgrade from your traditional TV antennas technology. Hybrid antennas like Livewave does not require any outdoor or indoor mounting as it does not require a separate physical antenna set while installing. 

LiveWare is a small in-built antenna, in the form of a cup that connects to the power outlet. The receptors and capacitors attached to it are very powerful as they pull signals from all surrounding areas depending on where the signals are the strongest.+

How does LiveWave antenna work?

According to its manufacturer, the LiveWave antenna leverages the insulation and wiring of your office or home to function as a signal receptor for free channels. 

Once you install the LiveWave antenna it transforms your office or house into a giant signal reception antenna that connects with signals from broadcast stations that provide free to air HD channels.

The LiveWave manufacturer openly claims that the receptor plug transforms your house or office into a giant signal receptor through the electrical. However, we would strongly recommend proceeding with extreme caution under the guidance of an electrical expert.

To sum it up, LiveWave claims to eliminate the need for a TV antenna to watch HD channels at home. To pull in strong signals from the surrounding area the in-built antenna receptor functions in tandem with the wirings of the house.

How to setup LiveWave Antenna?

Prerequisite – Quick Setup

  1. Use an ANT/IN connector of the coaxial cable that directly plugs into your TV.
  2. Then Plug-in the other end of the coaxial cable to the receiver, that comes with the box.
  3. Now plug-in the receiver to your nearest power outlet. 

The manufacturers of LiveWave claims that the hybrid antenna is shockproof, however, we strongly recommend taking necessary precautions while connections with the wall outlet. 

Scanning for Channels

Scanning for channels is a relatively easy part. Use this quick and easy method to scan for channels that are supported by most of the TV model.

  1. On your TV remote search for the SOURCE button. Then press and hold for 2-4 seconds.
  2. Click on TV from the source menu of the TV that will pop up. 
  3. Now go to the Channel setup menu and click on the AIR or  Antenna from there. Old TV models usually have the opposite options.
  4. Now, wait for a few seconds while the channel scan operation is being completed.

Once the channels have been scammed It will show you a list of free HD channels that are being broadcasted within the range of the reception or in your surrounding areas.

Does LiveWave Antenna work?

LiveWave Antenna works well but with a very limited scope. The antenna works fine if there is a minimum exterior blockage. Nevertheless, users still have a divided opinion regarding this hybrid Antenna. A small group of users says that LiveWave has improved their signal quality whereas there are also many users who have claimed that they just want their money back and this product is a waste of time.

To conclude the undivided opinion, we noticed that the antenna works at it’s best in rural areas where there is comparatively less external distortion from other wireless equipment and devices. 

The company claims to provide high-speed internet and faster streaming services. But before we take the company’s word for it here LiveWave reviews by their customers. (We have hidden the names of the customers for privacy reasons).

A LiveWave Customer 

 “Ordered two antennas for the house. None of them seems to work. Called them up and they promised to send two more antennas for 50% off. This blows my mind away.

Why will I want more antennas and pay extra for it, when the original ones don’t even work. My homemade TV antenna works better than this good for nothing piece of garbage.”
A LiveWave Customer 

“The customer service is abysmal, and it takes several days for them to reply. 

I had to add extra antennas and amplifiers to make the antenna work, which was added to the bill. Still, it did not result in any drastic improvement.

Kept on calling them after ordering to get the antenna but the customer service said, “Out of stock”. Why should they take orders if they cannot honor them?”

Almost all comments regarding reviews of LiveWave antenna are similar to the above comments. More complaints than praises. Based on the customer reviews we cannot deny nor confirm whether the product is another part of the notorious LiveWave antenna scam that has duped many customers.

LiveWave Channels Availability 

LiveWave antenna digital HDTV receiver captures signals from far spread broadcasting towers as well as nearby free to watch channels.

Here is a list of the channels that you can watch on LiveWave-

  • HSN
  • ABC
  • ion
  • MeTV
  • CBS
  • The CW
  • NBC
  • Fox
  • PBS
  • ESPN
  • Decades
  • BET
  • FXM

Livewave antenna vs Other Antennas

When you read the features of LiveWave antenna on its official website it markets itself as a superior alternative to other modern and traditional antennas. However, the antenna performs very poorly when compared to the other TV antennas in the same price region. 

The hybrid antenna does not deliver the promised channels in most of the urban areas as seen in a majority of the customer reviews about LiveWave.

LiveWave antenna captures the strongest signals in rural areas while also managing to catch the decent signal quality of certain channels in areas with minimum obstacles. In comparison, we noticed that it’s competitors deliver a much stronger signal when providing free HD channels with or without amplifiers. 

LiveWave Antenna Customer Service Review

The LiveWave antenna has much first copy and fake websites that claim to be the real deal. So, finding the official website ( of LiveWave, Strong current enterprises can be quite a task. We found this to be a let down because you would expect a top antenna booster provider to feature accurate information with the minimalistic hassle.

To test the customer support, I had my buddy, Andrew living in the USA send a long email to LiveWave a long email inquiring about its installation process and warranty related issues. It’s been almost a week since I have been waiting for an informative reply rather than the automated confirmation email stating that the customer service has received my email. 

The automated email states that my email has been received by LiveWave and a complaint ticket has been issued. However, I cannot track the complaint ticket nor have I received any further details on the same issue.

I also told my buddy, Andrew to connect with LiveWave on their official Facebook page as mentioned in their biodata. They just send the same automated response to my message with no constructive information on the same topic.

Customer loyalty is majorly dependent on support from the customer. A happy customer is a loyal customer and to maintain this relationship a company needs to address and provide solutions to all customer issues and inquiries. Overall the customer support of LiveWave is a complete lackluster it needs to be upgraded with more than just automated answers or else it reflects poorly on the quality and standards of the product.

LiveWave Antenna Pricing

LiveWave is priced at $39.95 per antenna exclusive of shipping fees. If you buy a pair you get it at a discounted price of $73.75.

Warranty on LiveWave Antennas

LiveWave comes with a 1-year warranty and 30 days guaranteed money back offer. It also has an extended warranty plan that costs an additional $10. The benefit of an extension plan is that it offers a lifetime warranty cover.

You can purchase the hybrid antenna directly through its official website where you can get more discounts or you can also buy livewave antenna on Amazon.


LiveWave does not live up to its claim of being the next generation of TV antenna, although the antenna certainly has its advantages that are a steal when it comes to heavy discount offers.

The antenna works best in providing free channels to watch in areas that have minimum obstacles, few tall buildings, and no high rise mountains.

Let us know if you found this LiveWave review helpful. To help more readers do share your opinions about LiveWave regarding its features, do they work? Or it was a scam?.

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