Bitcoin bull Mike Novogratz forecasts a bright future for the cryptocurrency

By | September 28, 2018

Earlier in the week, Mike Novogratz, Founder and CEO of Galaxy Digital has given a relatively bearish statement regarding the future of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency in general.
According to several reports, Novogratz has gone on to say that the fall witnessed by bitcoin (BTC) all throughout 2018 is an indication that big exchanges and companies have started taking the cryptocurrency very seriously now.
The CEO and Founder of Galaxy Digital has also said that, “Bitcoin(BTC) is being used as a mode of payment in major companies and franchises like Microsoft and Starbucks, which will gradually be used in more places and people will get comfortable using it as well, and in turn the value of bitcoin (BTC) will increase as well.”
According to Novogratz, Companies will eventually come to the realization, of a ‘fear of missing out’ as cryptocurrencies attract more adoption.
Novogratz also said that “over the course of time, Bitcoin will be considered as Gold by people, making it a store of value,” further adding, who knows, it(BTC) can also become a part of everyone’s financial portfolios.
Quite notably, back in December 2017, the value of the bitcoin had surged to an incredible USD 20,000, however, since then it fell massively to a low of $5,800 back in June and its current trade value is of about $6,653 USD.
According to the prediction made by Novogratz, By the end of 2018, Bitcoin will rally up to almost 30 percent and by the first quarter of 2019, it will start catching up the pace.

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