About Us

Bittmint provides you with every little-detailed information regarding the latest news in the space of  Bitcoin, Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrency, and Fintech.

Bittmint is a real treat for all avid blockchain enthusiasts We give you information about every possible Cryptocurrency available in the market.  We started as a small effort to bring together the best of Bitcoin news to the world. While looking for crypto news online, we realized that the world is getting quite serious about cryptocurrencies but are mostly misguided by low-quality articles.

Our passion for Bitcoins, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency gets you the latest and most trending news in these domains. Our mission to provide our readers the most knowledgeable and accurate content. We also believe the world needs to know about this growing technology thus we at Bittmint research all over so we can provide each and every reader with all the latest news in the blockchain world.

Our goal

Our main purpose is to deliver the most accurate news to all our loyal readers. We are not just a news site or a cryptocurrency blog, instead, we are a dedicated network for connecting cryptocurrency enthusiasts and providing them the information they need.

At Bittmint, we take journalism very seriously. Even though the writers and founders of this platform come from different industry verticals, we aim to keep the standards of our journalism very high, devoid of any fear or favor, misleading statements or marketing gimmicks. We know how manipulating the world of cryptocurrencies can be. If even one of our reader gets protected by any online theft we would be really happy and feel like we succeeded

Our vision

Some of our members have been a part of the blockchain revolution since the very beginning. This guides us to provide you with accurate information, unlike many so-called ‘experts.

Our vision is solely focussed on protecting each and every reader from being manipulated. We do not ask you to buy coins or sell them. We only focus on bringing the latest messages from the cryptocurrency world, directly to you. The rest we leave up to you, if you need any direct advice or would like to give us any suggestions do contact us. We are always here for our wellwishers.