You Won’t Believe What New Token we will see this year in Crypto Market

By | February 10, 2022

The answer in short is Qardin Token. But here is the longer story. Stay tuned.

It has passed a long time since the appearance of The WWW (World Wide Web). 
Internet business is presently at 20% of all retail and developing dramatically each year. Behind its prosperity are a small bunch of organizations like Alibaba, eBay, Amazon, and other E-commerce monsters, each of them trillion dollars companies. Yet additionally, a few little retailers are snatching huge benefits through Shopify and with outsourcing. We are discussing trillion-dollar organizations. So how some new players can become a success in this world of E-commerce giants. Though their idea is complex we will explain it in basic terms, with their blockchain payment gateway they are planning to connect all generally large retailers and little retailers and become one place of shopping on the Internet. What makes it considerably seriously fascinating is that they are planning to do it also for the virtual world or so called Metaverse, and give a people genuine shopping experience in their Qardin Portal Mall where your avatar can for all intents and purposes go out to shop and purchase true merchandise in a virtual world. What’s more, this is simply snatching the outer layer of their roadmap and plans till the finish of the long term.

What is Qardin Token?

Qardin will act as a universal shopping site for any E-commerce in Qardin Network, so in real life, this means you will be able to buy any product from Alibaba, eBay, Aliexpress, BangGood, Wallmart, and other big and small retailers just going through Qardin site or Qardin Pay smartphone applications. Everything will be fully automatized, Qardin protocol is doing that hard work for you. Qardin protocol will give you the best prices and best conversion rates.

Qardin Currency exchange protocol (QCEP) will find the best rates for conversion to Qardin Token automatically and exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and others to Qardin token through their blockchain platform.

Qardin reevaluates the E-trade purchasing experience with a blockchain installment passage, a decentralized item and vendor believability + audit framework, and overall operations with a house to house conveyance. Going about as a focal buying and conveyance hub to customary web-based commercial centers and e-stores, Qardin will accomplish moment adaptability with a huge number of brands and a great many genuine items accessible for buy at no markup and straightforward trade rates to the crypto local area.


Last week, Qardin Token reported its first financing round with $25 million brought up in total. More than 100 financial backers participated in the round with the lead of JPMorgan, Barry Silbert CEO of Digital Currency Group, Dan Morehead CEO and originator of Pantera Capital, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, and prior referenced design and sports brands. A full rundown cannot be uncovered on the grounds that some of the financial backers have signed NDA.

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