Work Smart, Work Better: Convert PDF to PDF/A Files for Extensive Archiving Needs

By | December 29, 2020

With digitalization, a significant number of activities are performed by computers, laptops, and mobile devices in various document forms. For this reason, since our work involves a wide variety of documents, conversion has become a concern. One issue is how to convert files from PDF to PDF/A efficiently as quickly as possible.

The primary reason individuals convert their PDF files to PDF/A is because of their stability. It is the most suitable format for long-standing archiving and records preservation. In this article, you are about to discover a powerful conversion method that will help you turn PDF to PDF/A without difficulty.

The Difference Between PDF and PDF/A

Before talking about how to convert PDF to PDFA, let’s first differentiate the characteristics of PDF and PDF/A files. PDF, or also known as Portable Document Format, is an Adobe format capable of ensuring that files or documents are stored electronically, especially in hard copy or printed form, irrespective of the device or software it has been created.

Apart from that, PDF is a file format that is universally utilized, whose primary intention is for digital book publishing. On the other hand, PDF/A or portable document format for archiving is the subset of PDF. As the name implies, its overall goal is for long-term preservation or archiving. PDF/A employs a rigid pattern in converting files to assure that files are protected.

Convert PDF to PDF/A with GoGoPDF

One of the most reliable PDF to PDF/A converters that you can find online is GoGoPDF. Although there is a necessary technical process that you can conduct on your own when saving PDF files in PDF/A format using the Word program, there are other advantages to utilizing a particular program intended to assist in this conversion.

In transforming your documents in PDF/A format with the support of GoGoPDF, the program ensures that the file is accessible through multiple platforms, different web browsers, and operating systems. In this effort of GoGoPDF, it ensures that they accomplish their ultimate aim of delivering productivity to their users.

GoGoPDF’s Four-Way Process

Turning PDF to PDF/A by the use of GoGoPDF converter is a straightforward and seamless procedure. To let you know of its efficiency, GoGoPDF only consumes about two minutes to transform a PDF document to PDF/A precisely. In these two minutes, GoGoPDF employs a four-way method to convert your PDF documents.

Adding to that, GoGoPDF also sets up a pre-loaded activity to promote the high-quality conversion of digital users in any connection to their program. The uncomplicated approach to the website is a considerable aid to avoid hesitation in converting your documents and files. With that, below are the guidelines you should follow to start the conversion process:

  1. The first step to convert your PDF document is to launch GoGoPDF on your search window. From there, pick out the files you prepared for the conversion procedure or simply drag and drop the file on the toolbox column.
  2. Next, there will be several sets in which you can make the best selection to match your taste in turning your files. The program will begin in a matter of seconds or a maximum of two minutes.
  3. You can relax and wait patiently for the procedure to be completed.
  4. You can be able to store and track down your newly updated PDF/A document on the Download option after the two minutes of conversion.

Document Integrity and Protected Privacy

All business documents and presentations are viewed as confidential. For that reason, some of those users who need to convert their PDF documents are reluctant about utilizing an online tool. GoGoPDF, as a reliable converter, conducts every aspect to ensure that files are adequately protected and addressed to the privacy of every file uploaded to the system.

Also, GoGOPDF users do not need to worry about protecting their files, as the website will permanently and automatically extract your files after the conversion process. GoGoPDF is sensitive to its users’ data security, which is why it abides and applies the Data Privacy Law to ensure users they provide protection, and their file safety is their top priority.

Accessible Across Multiple Platforms

GoGoPDF is not only renowned for having one of the most satisfactory security steps, but the site can also demonstrate compatibility and usability with various types of operating systems, such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. In addition, this online tool also applies to devices such as smartphones, PCS, tablets, and laptops.

As previously described, digital users do not need to stress about the accessibility and compatibility of their system or devices with GoGoPDF. Sufficient storage space and stable data or internet access are required for customers to store and archive all documents. Establishing GoGoPDF as your online tool is handy and hassle-free.

GoGoPDF’s Proficient PDF Management

To completely manage your documents, you must also understand that GoGoPDF has many services apart from converting PDF to PDF/A. You may wonder how this might even be possible. If you’re a corporate employee, arranging loads of PDF files in a week is too much, which is why you need a tool to preserve your files and avoid potential losses.

The features available on the GoGoPDF website are the conversion of Excel, JPG, PowerPoint, and PDF to Word or PNG. You can be confident that GoGoPDF has set up powerful protection designed to support your documents and files and prevent potential theft and unauthorized access, as previously stated above.


All available formats show their intent, and knowing which file format you need for business presentation, work, and school reporting is paramount. This makes it easy to convert any critical data when you use the proper tool to support you, and that tool is GoGoPDF. With this program, all problems and difficulties will be addressed in no time at all. Try it out for yourself and you’ll surely find all you need for your documents.

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