What is the Hector Network (HEC) cryptocurrency?

By | December 23, 2022

Hector Finance creates a financial center in Fantom Opera and beyond. The financial center provides a large number of uses that are compatible with HEC coins. People can apply coins to earn rewards.

How Hector Network works

Hector Bank is a DEX lending platform that is based on Fantom Chain of Opera. People can borrow different cryptocurrencies. Those who lend can earn APY by providing stable coins and other tokens. Borrowing users can use wsHEC as collateral to borrow stable coins, apply them to different projects. This saves users from having to deploy their own tokens. Hector DAO crypto is traded today on many cryptocurrency exchanges, including the popular Mexc Global exchange.

The platform provides a small interest rate on loans. Part of the income generated by the platform is used to develop the platform. Over time, the system should become deflationary. Hector Bank was created together with Ola Finance.

What is HEC token

The platform’s token is intended for:

  • participating in the development of the platform;
  • receiving and issuing loan funds;
  • acquiring other cryptocurrency units.

What makes Hector Network unique

Hector DEX is an inter-network DEX aggregator that is integrated into the Hector platform. This means that people can swap their own coins into and out of HEC and other tokens using multiple chains. In doing so, users are provided with the best prices. This is what the developers of the platform have done to turn it into the Fantom Chain of Opera financial center.

Hector NFT is one of the platform’s projects. The developers of the platform want to make a DeFi game, which for now is simply called the Hector Game. The game will use the NFTs created within the platform. Over time, the game will expand. The profits that the creators of Hector will make from the game will be used to develop the site.

Those who create NFTs will be able to use the Hector platform. A small percentage of royalties from NFT sales will be applied to acquire HEC coins, distributing them to NFT owners. This ensures that the platform collaborates with the best NFT developers and allows it to offer unique collections to users. If you are interested in the NFT industry, we recommend checking out the LooksRare marketplace. $looks price can be found on the Mexc Global exchange.

Tokenomics of Hector Network

The order of use of the platform is as follows:

  1. Click on “Exchange” in the panel on the left.
  2. The Hector DEX will open. The trading interface will be shown. The panel at the top displays the coin the user has chosen to trade. The panel below shows the coin the user will receive.
  3. Clicking on the token icon in the panel above shows a list of coins. It is possible to find tokens through a search window.
  4. Click on any of the chains to view the tokens in it.
  5. Enter the number of tokens you wish to exchange in the bar at the top. Wait for the platform to select the most profitable rates. Then click the exchange button. The exchange will be carried out in the background.

Where you can buy HEC tokens

You can buy HEC tokens on the crypto exchanges:

  • MEXC;
  • DigiFinex;
  • BitMart;
  • Bitrue.

The order of acquiring tokens is similar to buying any other cryptocurrency units.

The creators of the platform are trying to increase the price of HEC coins. The main goal of the developers is to achieve zero inflation. In this case, the share of each user who is a member of the community will increase. What actions will the developers of the platform take to ensure deflation? They will combine a rebasing project with competitive APYs and a functional service ecosystem. All this will maximize the price of HEC cryptocurrency coins.

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