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Verge [XVG] flops in the bearish crypto-market

by Safdarali Rizvi

The crypto-market is experiencing an overall bearish trend as most of the tokens have dropped their prices. In the last 24 hours, most of the top 20 tokens have been struck down by a minimum of 5% drop in price.

Verge [XVG] had reached $0.1 on the 17th of April, achieving its 3-month high. Ever since the hike in April, the price fell down to $0.05 by the end of April.

Verge had been depicting a gradual decline after bumping up to $0.082 on the 3rd of May. At press time, the market capitalization for Verge is valued at $1.04 billion. In the last one hour, the price has slowly inclined by 0.8% and XVG is trading at $.0.07. In the 24-hour period, XVG has seen a steady decline its price by 8.5%.

CoinMarketCap has depicted a decline in the token’s price by 15% as the Verge market was experiencing a bearish trend since a week.

Verge is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2014. From the past one week or so XVG is thriving as the currency is being listed on various wallets. Wallets such as Bitbns, an Indian exchange has included XVG trading and Verge has also extended its partnership with Traffic Junky along with Pornhub.

Marpme, a software engineer at Verge tweeted that they are building an introduction guide for the upgrade in the core Verge wallet.

CryptoRekt, a Verge user tweeted about XVG support on the ‘Humble Bundle’. Humble Bundle Inc. is an online digital store for video games wherein gamers can purchase the games at a price determined by them.

Crypto Boss on Twitter says:

“These are necessary steps to mass adoption! Great wizard. Keep up the good work, very well done.”

Dany XVG, a Twitterati says:

“Is the block index going to load faster? The wait for the block index followed by loading the blocks is pretty crazy currently when the app has only been closed for a few minutes. This is what I call transparency, believe in these engineers who actually care about the community.”

Swizzlesticks says:

“That’s excellent news. I’ve done some work on the previous 4.0.0 and 4.0.1 installers….which was a separate compile and build. Glad it’s all going to be in one, will make communicating with the support guys a lot easier.”

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