VeChain would launch its first Decetralised application by the end of this month

By | October 22, 2018, a peer-to-peer open-source blockchain based gaming platform which allows its user to build custom games and predictive markets would be the first live first decentralized application (DAPP) to go live on the VeChain network.

The application was first developed in the Ethereum network, the company saw an opportunity on the VeChain blockchain and after numerous test and audits, the gaming company launched its platform in the mid of 2018.

The reason the company moved to the VeChain network was the scalability and in addition to the scalability, the company would also have access to specialized developers for the porting process.

The company’s mainnet gaming system would go live on the 31st of this month according to a recent announcement. There would a token swap by DBET from its ERC-20 token to the new VIP-180 token and has been recently listed on the VeChain’s mobile wallet.

The company recently rebranded itself to develop a more expansive platform which would facilitate gaming to everyone. One of the missions for the company would be to facilitate community game development and developers could add content.

As per the data from coinmarketcap, DBET is currently trading at $0.0474 with a $6.2 million market cap. VeChain (VET) is trading at $0.0113 and has a market cap of $627 million.

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