The Ultimate ICO Marketing Checklist for Promoting Your ICO Online

By | August 13, 2018

Promoting your ICO is very time consuming and expensive. So, using all the help you can find can decrease the money you would spend on ICO marketing strategy.

And when it comes to ICO marketing, everything you need to do is condensed and listed below.

This 8 step ICO checklist is a cornerstone to make your Token a Success.

  1. Index your site on search engines and get it SEO ready

Indexing is how you tell a search engine (essentially the web) that your website exists on the internet. Usually it’s enough if you get it indexed on Google as it has the highest usage share.

  1. Promote your ICO on ICO bench

ICO bench is free source for promoting your ICO. Get reviews and raise in ranks to the top.

  1. Let the top YouTubers and Crypto Podcasters review your ICO

There are many YouTubers and Podcasters who review and rate ICOs (amongst other things they do) on their channels. This is a great way to get information about ICO out to the public.

  1. Increase your PR
  2. List out all the top authoritative news sites and mainstream media
  3. Reach out to them on LinkedIn or via email.
  4. List out and advertise on different online platforms and channels
  5. Top sub Reddits
  6. Top Telegram channels
  7. Crypto news sites
  8. LinkedIn Groups
  9. Crypto blogs
  10. Facebook groups
  11. Social bookmark sites
  12. Online forums
  13. ICO lists
  14. Advertise using Google AdWords

Since most people (investors and reviewers alike) discover ICOs through Google, you can use it to remarket and remind them about your ICO.

  1. Primarily for remarketing your ICO using audience selection and optimization
  2. You can also acquire new customers using paid ads

Note: Exclude keywords related to ICO, token, blockchain, and sorts.

  1. Use Facebook Ads

Using Facebook ads is a bit more personal so be meticulous when selecting your audience for retargeting.

  1. Facebook is just as great of a tool for remarketing ads
  2. You can acquire new customer as well

Note: Once again, exclude all the keywords related to blockchain, ICOs, and sorts.

  1. Email marketing campaigns

As they say, email marketing is still the king of digital marketing. Hubspot says that about 70% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. Hence making sure your emails look and function well on mobile devices can significantly boost your click-through rates. Some tips:

  1. Buy newsletter emails and templates,
  2. Scrape emails and templates off irrelevant details, and
  3. Create triggered email sequences

This is a lot work as you can see – so you have to decide if you wish to hire an ICO marketing agency or promote your project yourself.

No matter, which way you choose to go – this ICO marketing checklist should help you to reach your targets.

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