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Tron [TRX]’s support meter is high with yet another helping hand from a Korean exchange

by Raj Hirvate

Tron has thrown out a flurry of community stimulating programs which have been making headlines repeatedly. Earlier today, the superior trading exchange platform, Binance voiced out their support for the network upgrade and the migration set to happen in May and June respectively.

Justin Sun tweeted a while ago:

“Korea exchange Coinrail_Korea will Support Tron’s blockchain upgrade and TRX Token Swap.”

The next one in line to follow suit is the Korean exchange, Coinrail. The exchange platform is worth a market cap of $11.6 million and has a lit of top coins trading on the platform including Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Of Course, Tron. Tron alone accounts for more than 2% of the entire trading volume. Ranked 8th on Coinrail, Tron has now successfully gained support from this platform which is based from Korea.

Tru Bol, a Twitterati says:

“What’s up with all these exchanges supporting the “migration” of TRX? Who are the best exchanges to get support on? Coinbase? Binance?”

Hafiz Saleem, a speculator tweeted:

“Damn when r u going to sleep… I try to go to bed and here comes a tweet… Mr. Super human Sun.”

Along with this, the winners for the developer participants of the reward program was announced by Justin Sun. Tron has its official forum for both the team and the community on GitHub which permits aspiring developers to submit codes and review works by others, while also learning about and following up updates about Tron. An interactive system will naturally emerge to promote TRON as a decentralized public chain network through this method which will also be mutually beneficial.

He tweeted:

“Winners of #TRON #TRX Reward Program Released @Github, come and join us to be a #TRON Community Developer.”

A large number of developers have contributed since the day Tron’s Github page went online, out of which eleven of them are considered by a team of competent reviewers to be outstanding and worth rewarding with TRX, the official token of TRON, up to 2,000, stated a blog post tweeted by the Founder.

Adding on, it was also mentioned in the end:

“Submitting codes at Github and contributing to our community have been encouraged and valued by us, and more rewards will come in the future.”

Tron Army tweeted:

“Tron has the best community campaigns.”

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