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Tron [TRX] holders exceed 1 million enhancing their accomplishments

by Lionel Pereira

With multiple exchanges support for the migration and blockchain upgrade including the giant from the industry Binance announcing it earlier today followed by Coinrail from Korea, the investors are probably influenced positively. This was reflected as Justin announced the number of TRX holders surpassing 1.08 billion today.

Another accomplishment for Tron and a very prominent one which the Founder rejoiced as he posted:

“Good news for us, by the time of 2018 May 9(UTC+8), the Holders of #TRX $TRX exceeded 1.08 million, let’s keep moving.”

Tron holders

TRX has been stable in its 10th position with minor curves in the graph both the negative and positive side considering the market’s behavior. Currently, it priced at $0.081 with a market cap of $5.26 billion which is a slight decline as compared to its morning prices.

Tron started off with the aim to “Heal the Intenet” through a few factors like data liberation, enabling content ecosystem where users can obtain digital assets from content spreading, infrastructure to allow distributed digital assets exchange (such as games) and market forecasting, to mention a few.

They have been growing rapidly especially during the Q1 2018, increasing their support base as well as growing positively as a company. Their Twitter followers exceed 600k combining Justin Sun and Tron foundation’s handles together.

Tron enthusiast, Trontonium tweeted:

“The best damn coin with the best dev team lead by the best leader – in Tron we trust!”

Manny Perez replied to Justin Sun saying:

“I quote the #TRON Oath EVERY DAY until Main Net!! GAUZZAAAA!!”

Pardeep Kumar tweeted addressing the founder of Tron:

“But what you give to TRX holder ???? you give airdrop to ETH holders and promotor of TRX, Here are many people which not hold TRX but participate in TRX Promotion only for free TRX . Give airdrop to TRX holders also to make strong to TRX Community.”

Swapy, a Twitterati says:

“All U need is Alibaba partnership Justin. Shouldn’t be too hard for U. Don’t sell urself short. U r in ur mid 20’s and already own tron that’s worth 6 billion. Keep it up.”

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