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By | May 17, 2022

Investing and trading today are the 2 most common ways to increase your income. review says that even with minimal contributions for a few months, a person can get an excellent remuneration and ultimately abandon their usual work. However, there are several risky assets. They are not suitable for beginners, and not all regular traders will handle this.

What investments are considered risky?

Today there are a considerable number of different assets. The modern world works in such a way that you will find an equal number of positive and negative reviews for each of them, so you will have to independently choose those assets that, in your opinion, seem to be the most “toxic.” offers some simple criteria by which to identify a risky investment:

  • lack of material grounds for determining the price;
  • impossibility of conducting fundamental analysis;
  • difficulties with fixing the right of ownership;
  • lack of a regulator’s license on the trading platform.

The term “toxic asset” appeared in 2008 during the global financial crisis. It means assets that have fallen sharply in value, and the owners can no longer sell them at an acceptable cost. Often such companies went bankrupt and ceased to exist.

In addition, scam is thriving in this market. Distinguishing this from a good asset is often quite tricky.

What investments should beginners avoid?

In trading, risk free assets are singled out, which show steady growth. These are various fiat currencies, gold, and precious metals. With their help, you can earn good income and not risk losing all the money. However, quite a few risky assets are challenging to manage due to their unpredictability.


Recently, traders worldwide have been arguing about whether to use cryptocurrency markets. On the one hand, price fluctuations here are many times greater than in conventional currencies, so you can earn more. But, because the value of assets is practically not supported by anything, it is challenging to predict how this will behave shortly. Even seemingly small transactions can lead to reasonably large jumps in price.

Until you learn to understand what laws the crypto world lives by, what affects the price of tokenized assets, and how exactly you can make money on it, it is better not to start working in this direction.


Forex itself is a pretty good idea. The main problem is that there are many scammers in this market. When choosing a trader, it is necessary to prefer only trusted websites such as A trader must have state registration, many years of experience, and a large budget. Often, inexperienced traders choose those with the lowest commissions, best prices, gifts, and other valuable things, but the truth is that free cheese is only in the mousetrap.

Junk bonds

Junk bonds are bonds issued by companies with below-average credit ratings. You can find securities traded at a cost significantly below par on the stock exchange, despite a good coupon income. It happens as a result of the fact that people have doubts about the issuer’s solvency. To attract investors, the company dumps and offers unreasonably attractive conditions. The probability that the firm that issued the bonds will not recover its position is relatively high.

There are quite a few examples that can lead to a crash. So, in 2016, the market value of the bonds of one of the Russian banks fell to 20%. The following year, it lost its license and declared itself bankrupt, and depositors could never get their money.

Microfinance organizations

Today there is a wide range of microfinance institutions. They thrive exceptionally well in developing countries, where residents experience significant social and financial problems. Investing in such organizations often leads to substantial issues because it is straightforward to declare bankruptcy. Usually, such companies do not have a sizable authorized capital, distribute money to everyone, and sometimes do not even ask for a passport. It leads to unscrupulous entertainers often refusing to return the money.

In addition, the review says that among various microfinance organizations, there are many scammers whose goal is only to take possession of investors’ money but not to conduct entrepreneurial activities.

Financial pyramids

Even though pyramid schemes are banned throughout the world, they continue to flourish successfully. Now they are called HYIP (High Yield Investment Program). The main problem of such companies is that only the founder and the first few holders can earn big money. Everyone else can hardly get their money back. In addition, this is also one of the types of fraud when, having received enough support from customers, the owner withdraws all the money to a personal account and hides in an unknown direction.

What assets should be trusted?

The review says that this exchange platform is the most reliable. It has been on the market for more than a year, has excellent user recommendations, and shows stable growth.

In addition, it has excellent protection against hackers and scammers, so you can not be afraid of your assets. Here you can store various currencies and support and trade while receiving additional profit.

For greater convenience for users, has created more convenient conditions for registering and replenishing a deposit, and there is a convenient and understandable chart for changing the value of assets and the necessary statistics for building your forecast. Whatever assets you choose here, you can be sure that the team has foreseen the possible risks.

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