The next step in Metaverse starts with Metabourne

By | August 28, 2023

Before we start, it’s best to go over the basics behind the metaverse and the technologies behind this evolving industry.

The Metaverse has existed for a long time as a concept of virtual worlds and digital assets. At it’s core, it relies on virtual reality technology to create a virtual world. While technology has supported this to some extent, a true metaverse uses additional technology, such as metaverse tokens in the form of cryptocurrency, to give more legitimacy to digital real estate. The continued rise and acceptance of crpyto wallet technology for the wider public has only made metaverse blockchain projects more appealing. Also, popularity of NFTs have made a step forward in Metaverse direction.
Now let’s talk about this Metabourne project that everybody is talking about lately.

Metabourne is two things, it is a native private and public blockchain, the first in the world blockchain that can be private and public.

MetaBourne is a game about space exploration, searching for new planets suitable for life on Earth is the main purpose of the game, but except the primary goal this game will have a lot of accompanying content with which players can relax and have fun, MetaBourne Game will be developed on their native blockchain technology of the same name Metabourne. It is a first-world blockchain that will be used as a private or public blockchain.

For public use it will be used for other Metaverses that want to switch to Metabourne blockchain and make integration with Metabourne Game. In the future, Metabourne is designed to be a galaxy for a lot of metaverse games and a world interconnected in one big game.

The second good thing about their native blockchain is that companies will be able to develop games or applications on their private Metabourne blockchain.

With the release of the game they will simultaneously release their VR googles, we have tried it and they are out of this world. They have headsets and sensing controllers. Since controllers are directly connected to their Bournesuit  – that is a VR body suit capable of simulating pain and pleasure.
Bodysuit has a climate control system so you are very comfortable while playing the game, a motion capture system, a haptic feedback system, a biometric system, and so on.

It is a suit very similar to those worn in the 2018 science fiction movie Ready Player One.
Also, a few more products were announced in early 2023 to be released, some of them VR treadmill, VR T-shirts, VR pants, VR snickers, and so on, including a VR smartphone that enables you to send your clone to a meeting in VR rooms, or just to hang out with friends. 

The metaverse and all its true capacity enable us to dovetail into a virtual world. At a very practical level, the meta verse can change how we work, where, with whom, and what the future holds. Vivid work areas will make it conceivable to make shared spaces where we can accumulate from any place we end up being. 

A New Era of hybrid work environment is coming and it seems that Metabourne team has recognized this and started to develop a new  Metabourne office app that companies and their employees will be able to work to give a new dimension to remote work or work from home.

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