The Future of Crypto in the Entertainment Industry

By | November 26, 2021

As crypto usages continue to grow in popularity, many industries are looking for ways to integrate the technology into their services. One of these is the entertainment industry. In fact, crypto experts have predicted that crypto integration in entertainment will happen sooner than many people think and on an even grander scale than what it is today.

The Crypto Adoption

Cryptocurrency transactions for ticketing and media purchases are already happening with companies such as the UK’s CEEK, a company trying to blend crypto with holographic concerts. In the future, crypto will also play a bigger role in artist royalties and allow fans to interact more closely with their idols. Because of this, crypto experts believe that crypto integration in the entertainment industry is inevitable.

Crypto betting is another entertainment form in which crypto will play a central role. With crypto betting, gamblers can use their crypto to bet on any sports and games of their choice with higher liquidity and better odds than most conventional bookmakers currently offer. The adoption of crypto in the gambling industry has been prominent since the numerous crypto betting guide websites and bookmakers rise in recent times. As an industry expert states: “The crypto betting market is only set to grow as crypto adoption becomes more widespread and crypto investment strategies look towards alternative markets.”

As a matter of fact, leading bookmakers such as Betway have already started to accept cryptocurrency deposits from their users and offer all kinds of sports betting. In addition, online casino giant Bitcasino has also started to adopt the new market practice by accepting cryptocurrencies on its platform.

The Obstacles

While many entertainment activities already support crypto payments, there are still a few barriers that need to be overcome before the technology will really take off. The first is that many entertainment businesses require fiat currency at their point of sale, and this presents an obstacle for people who don’t have access to legacy banking systems.

Another barrier is related to high volatility in cryptocurrencies values which make it hard to use them as a daily spending tool. But, with the rise of new solutions based on stable coins, it may not be long before these barriers are removed.

The Overcome

The aforementioned issues can be overcome by implementing blockchain technology at all levels of the entertainment industry, starting from ticketing services and ending with media purchase platforms. With crypto adoption becoming more common, it will be easier than ever before to purchase entertainment products with cryptocurrencies.

Crypto’s ability to help artists monetize their works directly from consumers is one of the things that makes crypto integration so important for entertainment purposes. Crypto has the potential to revolutionize the way musicians release new songs and albums, allowing fans to pay them via cryptocurrency without going through a digital music store or record label. This will allow artists to have a direct relationship with their fans and get the most profits from every consumer.

With crypto, entertainment companies can take advantage of its benefits such as transparency and security while also being able to reach new markets that fiat currency cannot always reach easily. With widespread cryptocurrency adoption on the horizon, the entertainment industry needs to prepare for this upcoming revolution.

The Future Of Crypto

The future of crypto in the entertainment industry is bright, and with wider adoption of blockchain technology, we will soon see new ways to enjoy our favorite entertainments.

The rise of crypto integration in the entertainment industry will also help reduce content piracy, an issue that has plagued the media and entertainment sector for far too long now. With cryptocurrency, all transactions can be traceable, which has the potential to deter content pirates from stealing intellectual property.

The entertainment industry is an obvious use case for crypto adoption and with wider acceptance of blockchain technology, it will only grow bigger every year. With this in mind, soon we could be enjoying our favorite entertainments while also making profits by investing in cryptocurrencies.  

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