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Larry Fink says, Blackrock would consider a cryptocurrency ETF only if the industry is ‘legitimate’

Earlier on 1st November, a statement given by Larry Fink clearly showed that the world’s largest asset manager would not be launching an exchange-traded fund for cryptocurrency anytime soon or at least till it shows some incredible growth and sustainability. In a statement given at the New York Times Dealbook conference in Manhattan on Thursday,… Read More »

AT&T uses Tech from IBM and Microsoft to launch Blockchain Solutions

According to a press release submitted by U.S telecommunications giant, AT&T, the company announced that it has developed a suite of blockchain solutions programmed to work with tech from Microsoft and IBM. “Bringing even more accountability and transparency to even the most sophisticated supply chains,” for its enterprise customers is the main aim of AT&T’s… Read More »

USA retail behemoth Walmart files patent for blockchain technology

Walmart arguably the biggest retail chain in the world look to be adopting the Blockchain technology as a new patent filing reveals their ambition to accede the blockchain technology for perfecting a smarter package delivery tracking system. It was further revealed on Thursday via an application released by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) where Walmart went… Read More »