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Ethereum and other Alt Coins continue to grow after closed door G-20 Discussions

Ethereum and other Alt Coins continued to grow after G-20 Discussions: Most of the major cryptocurrencies gained for 2 days in a row on Tuesday after the finance ministers had a productive discussion about cryptocurrencies and other digital assets which took place at a G-20 meeting in Argentina. Ethereum had bounced back after a support… Read More »

Huge games like World of Warcraft can now run on blockchain technology

Huge games, including games as big as World of Warcraft, can now directly run on the blockchain, or the public ledger technology backing the cryptocurrencies. As Loom Network announced that it has a next-generation blockchain platform which will enable developers to run Huge games. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have quite significantly increased their… Read More »

Liechtenstein based bank to allow customers to directly invest in cryptocurrencies

A Liechtenstein-based family bank has arguably started a revolution when it was announced earlier this week that they would be permitting customers to invest directly in cryptocurrencies. Making the declaration not long ago, Bank Frick said that the main clump of digital forms of money to be accessible for exchanging will include bitcoin, bitcoin money,… Read More »

Blockchain Technology spreading its roots in South America through Chile

On Feb 27th It was reported by trade distribution PV magazine, The Comisión Nacional de Energía de Chile (CNE), the vitality administrative organization of the South American country Chile has declared that it will implement Blockchain innovation in the national energy grid.   The CNE will utilize the Blockchain to authenticate data like peripheral costs,… Read More »

Bill Gates terms Cryptocurrency as ‘collateral damage’ over the long period

It is clear to say that the co-founder of the World’s biggest tech company, Bill Gates is definitely not a fan of cryptocurrency. At one of the most recent  “Ask Me Anything” discussion on Reddit, the Microsoft co-founder and billionaire expressed his concerns over the main feature of cryptocurrencies which is its ability to provide anonymity… Read More »