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Blockchain expert points out a 500% rise in EOS unique active accounts

EOS networks daily unique visitors have witnessed a rise of more than 500% and currently has 60,000 unique users each day and completed a milestone. EOS network is a blockchain platform for building a decentralized application with a total of 430,000 accounts and these numbers keep in rising daily despite having various governance issues. Ben… Read More »

VeChain would launch its first Decetralised application by the end of this month

Decent.bet, a peer-to-peer open-source blockchain based gaming platform which allows its user to build custom games and predictive markets would be the first live first decentralized application (DAPP) to go live on the VeChain network. The application was first developed in the Ethereum network, the company saw an opportunity on the VeChain blockchain and after numerous test… Read More »