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The SEC is “torn” about the crypto space, says BTC Bull Tim Draper

In a recent interview, Tim Draper, a prominent venture capitalist famous for his strategic investments, gave his opinions about regulations in the cryptocurrency space. Significantly his major focus was on two topics, namely, Japan taking an open approach for the sector in general and also China’s decision to make Bitcoin [BTC] illegal in the nation.… Read More »

A $1.6 Billion Blockchain Innovation Fund To Open In China

Chinese government-backed, $1.6 billion innovation funds was announced on 9th April, which happened during the opening of the Hangzhou Blockchain Industrial Park which was reported by Lie Yunwang a local news outlet in China. Yuhang District Government financed the Xiongan Global Blockchain Innovation Fund who says 30% of the total funds are government guided. The… Read More »