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KureCoinHub becomes Africa’s first CryptoBank to foster economic empowerment

KureCoinHub is a new cryptocurrency coin launched in Africa, which mainly targets the mainstream users. Considered as the biggest cryptocurrency project in the continent, it is seen as an investment solution that will help Africans overcome poverty. The whole concept will run on a self-service banking platform, set up on the apportioned system of Ethereum… Read More »

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey terms Bitcoin as internet’s ‘Single Currency’

Oh, how the status-quo has shifted momentum in just a couple of days back it was rumoured that Twitter would be banning Crypto promotions on its platform, and now it can only be termed as an extraordinary turn of events. CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey has publicly revealed his utmost support to the number one… Read More »

AirAisa plans to develop a proprietary cryptocurrency

In TechCrunch talk with Tony Fernandes the CEO of  AirAsia a $3 billion dollar company. Tony has a plan to replace its “Big Loyalty” Reward program with a proprietary cryptocurrency and will sever as a currency on AirAsia developing financial services platform. Tony Quoted  “We have a product that can be a currency in Big… Read More »