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Larry Fink says, Blackrock would consider a cryptocurrency ETF only if the industry is ‘legitimate’

Earlier on 1st November, a statement given by Larry Fink clearly showed that the world’s largest asset manager would not be launching an exchange-traded fund for cryptocurrency anytime soon or at least till it shows some incredible growth and sustainability. In a statement given at the New York Times Dealbook conference in Manhattan on Thursday,… Read More »

Cryptocurrency acknowledged as ‘New Institutional Investment Class’ in the latest Morgan Stanley report

According to a new report first released on October 31st by the U.S. multinational investment bank and financial services company Morgan Stanley, it stated that Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins are considered a “new institutional investment class” since the year 2017. As per reports, in the document, titled “Bitcoin Decrypted: A Brief Teach-In and Implications,” the… Read More »

A Canadian cryptocurrency exchange has shut down after reportedly being hacked, refuses to issue refunds

Earlier in the week, a cryptocurrency exchange based out of Canada announced that it has become the latest victim of hackers, claiming that every single penny in its exchange has been stolen as a result of it. However, some individuals have suspected that something even more conspicuous may be on. In a Twitter post which… Read More »

The SEC is “torn” about the crypto space, says BTC Bull Tim Draper

In a recent interview, Tim Draper, a prominent venture capitalist famous for his strategic investments, gave his opinions about regulations in the cryptocurrency space. Significantly his major focus was on two topics, namely, Japan taking an open approach for the sector in general and also China’s decision to make Bitcoin [BTC] illegal in the nation.… Read More »

Elon Musk sends the Bitcoin community into jubilance with his recent tweet

Earlier in the week, one of the most prominent figures in the tech and motor industry, Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, went on to make a rather interesting tweet about bitcoin that has send the entire social media and cryptocurrency community into jubilance and got people wondering, perhaps Bitcoin is much more… Read More »

Shark Tank’s Mr Wonderful invests $100,000 in a Cryptocurrency buying app

In the most recent episode of popular reality T.V show, Shark Tank, An automatic cryptocurrency buying app that rounds up everyday purchases receives a $100,000 investment from the one and only Mr Wonderful. Similar to an Acorns-like service for cryptocurrency, Bundil permits its users to invest their spare change from daily debit or credit card… Read More »

Coinbase and Circle forms a joint venture to boost adoption of dollar-backed cryptocurrencies

In a bid to establish more ground rules in the quickly evolving asset class, Two of the largest cryptocurrency companies, Circle and Coinbase announced that they would be joining forces. On Tuesday, October 23rd, a joint venture known as the “CENTRE Consortium” was unveiled by both Start-ups. Both cryptocurrency companies stated the aim through this… Read More »

Elizabeth Warren goes berserk against Cryptocurrencies

Earlier on Friday, October 12th, Elizabeth Warren, a certain contender for the 2020 Democratic president went to take a couple of major swipes at the cryptocurrency market. In a Senate Banking Committee hearing, Warren went on to issue a warning stating that it is quite simple to steal cryptocurrencies also many small investors are being… Read More »

Fortnite players need to be on the look-out for a bitcoin stealing malware

Ever since Fortnite was introduced, it has arguably become the most sort after multi-player battle royale game, so much that player’s such as Tyler Blevins aka Ninja have gone on to make a living out of it. A recent data published by research firm SensorTower showed that Fortnite has made nearly $300 million since its… Read More »

Bitcoin has reached its bottom says Spencer Bogart

 In his latest comments about bitcoin, Spencer Bogart, an expert from the blockchain and cryptocurrency venture firm Blockchain Capital claims that the cryptocurrency  is supposedly ”close to bottoming.” Bogart made these comments on Friday, in CNBC’s segment ”Fast Money”, during which he went on to make an argument stating that  Bitcoin’s gains in price against… Read More »