Submit Press Release

Share your press release with Bittmint readers. Your release will be available on clicking ‘Press Releases’ section at the top of the Home Screen. Our catalog also features press releases for readers.

We do not publish press releases of an inappropriate or fraudulent nature. You are advised to send only authentic releases with statements verified by the respective sources.

We only publish a press release upon receiving payment of 0.3 BTC. Our editors will review the release for proofing and authenticating the ingenuity of the statements. By sending us a press release and making the payment, you grant us the right to review your text and make changes to it accordingly.

Bittmint also gets the right to adapt the logo or any other branding of your company or logo while publishing. This visual adaptation is included in the artwork published with the release. If we refuse to publish your press release, we will refund the payment.

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