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Stellar Lumens [XLM] running low on fuel? Price drops by 10%!

by Lionel Pereira

Stellar Lumens has been welcoming a better run until Tuesday but now prices are going down. Stellar had managed to reach April month’s highest price point of $0.46. The negative growth has been building around the cryptocurrency market which has put Stellar Lumens’ prices to a decrease.

The present individual price for Stellar Lumens is close to $0.39 with a downward trend of 4.53%. Almost $37 million worth of lumens has been traded within past 24 hours.

The Stellar network was created back in 2014 because of the major difference between Jed McCaleb and Ripple. Ripple is focussed on providing solutions to banking systems, but Stellar Lumens wants to ease payments between people. The Stellar Lumens development foundation acts as a non-profit registered incorporated in Delaware.

Stellar lumens was created with a total number of 100 billion lumens. The annual supply of Stellar Lumens has been increasing by 1%. Stellar lumens is one among top ten cryptocurrency in the market which offers fast and cheap exchanges of transactions.

Stellar network is a decentralized distributed exchange which supports any sort of assets which are being used by the people. The ledger stores balance of the user’s account information and helps the user to buy or sell assets which he requires.

The Initial Coin Offering [ICO] which was built on the Stellar network has raised $30 million. MobileCoin is a privacy-based token on Stellar consensus protocol to reorganize mobile payments faster.

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the market, Bitfinex had declared the initial launch of Stellar trading platform. Stellar lumens holds great significance to the Bitfinex platform. Despite this listing, the prices are continuing to fall.

The CEO of Bitfinex says:

“they are committed to expanding the reach of its traders and introducing Stella lumens is a result of that commitment.”

A crypto enthusiast comments over XRP/USDT addition on Binance:

“Yep upgraded lightning ready Stellar $XLM deserves to have USDT pairing way more than tired outdated old ripple”

A Twitterati says:

“These are high expectations, you sent a 5 year goal , what’s your 10 and 2 year goals ?”

Bill Hustle says:

“Sure it will Jed! How much is Mt. Gox worth now (your other project)?”

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