9 Of The Best Speed Test Apps & Sites in 2022 (Free&Safe)

By | January 10, 2022

Currently, there are 4.39 billion active internet users all over the world. Just like in the real world, the internet is also overpopulated which reduces its speed at times. 

Here’s what you do the next time your internet connection becomes sluggish. You will need to check your data speed to find out the exact issue to continue a lag-free internet browsing experience.

With the help of our experts, I have made this list of the best speed test apps to help you test how fast your internet and data speeds are running in real-time. 

Here is a list of the best cell phone signal boosters if you are looking to boost the network range in your home, office, or vehicle.

The best free speed test apps in 2020

Speed Test Apps for Android

1. Ookla Speedtest®

Ookla Speedtest has the most accurate website and app to perform network diagnostics and internet speeds. The site and its apps receive a combined 10 million traffic daily making the Ookla speed test app one of the most trusted names in free speed testing.

The website shows you what server and provider you are using along with the download and upload speed in Mbps within a few seconds. Ookla also gives you the option to create a free account that allows you to track your speed tests in one area so you can run a quick comparison of how fast your internet is running.

Ookla’s net speed test app is available for free on Google Chrome, the web, iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Apple TV.

2. SpeedSmart

speedtest app

 Developed by Speedtest.net, SpeedSmart is a popular internet speed test app for iPhone and Android. It runs on HTML5 instead of Java or Flash which makes it highly accurate and faster.

This speed test has an elegant design and it also has an option to save your result history for future reference.

This free test speed site is available workwise on the web, Android and iOS.

3. V-SPEED Speed Test 

V-SPEED is a top speed testing platform if you are looking for a customizable speed test to suit your requirements. Using this cloud-managed test you can test statistics database, perform advanced VoIP, measure bandwidth, among other features.

You can download this speed test app for Android or iPhone for free.

Speed Test Apps For iOS / Apple

4. Bandwidth Place 

internet speed test

This speed test can run on any device from any part of the world. You can check your network connection on any device all you need is an internet connection to see how fast your download and upload speeds are running.

Check out the features of Bandwidth Place here.

5. Speedtest Master 

Speedtest Master is developed specifically as a speed test app for iPhones. For all you iOS users I would strongly recommend using this app to test your internet speed. With just one tap, you can test your internet connection for 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, DSL, ADSL, and Wi-Fi and get an accurate result in less than 30 seconds

You can Download Speedtest Master at the Apple app store for free

Speed Test Apps for Windows PC

6. Speedcheck Internet Speed Test 

Speedcheck Internet Speed Test has many premium features for a free internet speed testing app. On this app, you can also improve sluggish internet by troubleshooting slow or unresponsive internet. You can test your connection within seconds on Android, iPhone, or on the web using this app or website.

The site version of this speed tester gives you a free guide on how to interpret your speed test results.

Visit the Speedcheck website and see if it suits your needs.


The majority of people all over the world stream their favorite shows and movies on their mobile phones. To ensure that your smartphones can stream videos without lagging Netflix developed a FAST to test your internet speed for free.

speed test app

FAST displays your internet service provider’s server location. You can also use the app on Android, iPhone, or the web to check upload speed, download speed, IP address, latency, and your current location.

8. Meteor Speed Tester 

Meteor speed test is more than just your regular internet speed test tool. Along with checking your internet speeds in seconds, Meteor Speed Tester also assesses Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites to ensure that all functions are safe before you upload a post.

You can download this speed test app for iPhone and Android directly.

Quick Tip: If you are using a speed test app switch off your Wi-Fi if you wish to test your carrier’s data speed. Continue on Wi-Fi if you wish to test your Wi-Fi internet connection.

What is a good download and upload speed?

After using a speed test site you will know your data speed. Now let us see what classifies as a good or bad speed.

I have used a chart from Tomsguide where you can see a test was performed to record the average download and upload speeds for some of the top carriers. If your speed shows higher than the average and you experience sluggish speeds, you should look for some external improvements.

fastest wireless network

                                                                                                (Image credit: Tomsguide.com)

How to Get Faster Upload & Download Speeds

Check your internet speed on Android, Apple iPhone, or Windows PC by using these apps. If you are not received fast speeds on your cell phone data, these cell boosters can help in improving your internet speed within minutes.

you can stream movies, upload photos to social media and get a strong signal without any lagging using a cell signal booster as they amplify any carrier’s cellular sign in your office, home, or vehicle. Check out this ultimate guide on how cell phone signal boosters work. Select a cell signal booster that is compatible with all networks, devices, and carriers to make sure you also have a stable cellular connection.

An ideal cell signal booster can help to solve slow upload and download speeds.

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