How to solve the OpenGL error 1281 invalid issue on Minecraft

By | April 17, 2020

OpenGL error 1281 (Invalid Issue) is a common error that Minecraft gamers face. Do not get annoyed or panicked during your gaming secession I will solve your OpenGL error 1281 problem on Minecraft in a few simple steps.

The most common reason that you are seeing this Open GL error 1281 on Minecraft is due to your graphic card, graphic card setting or some of the modifications you have made to your PC. 

I have listed 4 fixes that would help you to solve your OpenGL error 1281 invalid issue. 

Turn off GL errors to off

Minecraft has an option to turn off OpenGL errors which are very simple if you follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open Minecraft, Click on options

Step 2: The second step is to go to Video Setting > Others

Step 3: Click on Show GL errors. There will be a turn on and turn off the option. Turn off GL Errors 

Step 4: Most important part is to save the setting

Step 5: Once saved check if your Minecraft is working properly and the OpenGL error 1281 on Minecraft is not showing up.

If the error shows up then there are 3 more ways I have listed in this article that can get the OpenGL error 1281 invalid issue solved.

Disable the Mods (You can do it temporarily or permanently)

Most of the gamers mod their games to get a better gaming experience but when you modify Minecraft there is a high chance you will get the OpenGL error 1281 invalid issue on Minecraft. The most common cause of this OpenGL error is the mods on your game.  

Make sure you turn off the mods on your Minecraft. After you have turned off mods the OpenGL error 1281 will stop which means your issue has been solved.

If the OpenGL error does not stop there are more ways listed below which would mostly solve your problem.

Upgrade or update your graphic card 

OpenGL error 1281 invalid issue pops up when your computer does not have a graphics card or you are using an old graphics card that needs to be replaced.   

If you have a good graphic card then you would have to update it to the latest version. 

Its very simple to update your graphic card. First, you will have to go to the graphic card website and search for the graphic card version. Install the software on your computer and run the software. Once you have done that open Minecraft to see of the OpenGL error 1281 is still popping up. 

If the OpenGL error 1281 still comes up then look don’t be worried there is one more method on how to solve OpenGL error 1281 invalid issue

Update Java to the latest version

The last and final method on the list of how to solve OpenGL error 1281 is to update your Java to the latest version.

The reason I have given this solution is because Minecraft is developed on Java. You can find the latest version of Java on its official website. 

Download the latest version of java and install and run in on your personal computer.

One thing you should not forget after downloading Java is to uninstall and then reinstall the game on your computer. After this is done you should mostly have a solution to the OpenGL error 1281 invalid issue problem on Minecraft  

Final thoughts

I have listed 4 ways in which you can solve the OpenGL error 1281 invalid issue on Minecraft. Most of the users have found their solution with these methods. If you are finding any issues to solve the OpenGL. error 1281  invalid issue on Minecraft then comment below. If you have any other method then you can comment below as well.


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