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SocialMedia.Market building on successful ICO

by Safdarali Rizvi

SocialMedia.Market, the first blockchain influencer marketing platform, is poised to end the first half of 2018 on a high note after a successful ICO. Concluded on March 16th, the company sold 13,946 ETH worth of the company’s utility cryptocurrency tokens (equivalent to about USD 10 million), including over 75% in Asian markets. The company’s tokens [SMT] attracted the most interest in Japan, which accounted for more than 70% of the tokens sold. Since the ICO, the company has followed through on its promises to continue developing the SocialMedia.Market platform and to expand through alliances.

Against this background, it should come as no surprise that since the ICO SocialMedia.Market has been consistently enhancing the functionality of its blockchain-based platform, which connects social media bloggers and other influencers with advertisers and agents, providing them with an opportunity to trade and interact securely. Here they are able to discuss briefs in private and iron out any issues or misunderstandings.

All transactions are conducted on the platform using the SMT. Now, token holders can also learn about individual bloggers and carry out more targeted advertising campaigns thanks to the access on the platform to the web pages of blogger profiles containing detailed information and statistics on their channels. The statistics include graphs on subscriber numbers and number of hits, information on audience engagement and much more.

In addition, the search function on the platform for different channels has been expanded to include additional categories, including options enabling you to select the language and country of the blogger. The platform has a convenient ranking system based on a number of key indicators. The search function also enables an advertiser to rapidly expand its database to take account of bloggers who are most relevant for its products through a search of similar channels. And the choice on offer is simply staggering – the blogger database includes over 250,000 YouTube channels.

Commenting on progress since the ICO, SocialMedia.Market CEO Dmitry Shyshov notes:

“We are making good progress developing the SocialMedia.Market platform and integrating blockchain technology effectively, as demonstrated by the successful testing of the beta version. We are achieving our goals of becoming the platform for regular interaction and trade between influencers and advertisers.”

Other new features include an improvement in the response rate of the blogger database. As a result platform users find it far easier to work with databases, the filtering of data and rankings. Pages load more rapidly and now users can test the beta version and select bloggers from anywhere in the world. In addition, the display of pages on different devices and browsers has improved.

As part of plans to increase its influence, SocialMedia.Market has established strategic partnerships with the decentralized video distribution system Native Video Box, whose analytics and video content review functionality provide a perfect fit with the company’s partner brands, and also with Taklimakan Network, the business platform bringing together cryptocurrency investors, analysts, and enthusiasts. SocialMedia.Market and Taklimakan plan to work closely to synchronize joint development of the blockchain industry.

The company picked the perfect time to hold the ICO and form partnerships in one of the fastest growing segments. According to trends.google.com, the influencer market could be worth an estimated USD 5-10 billion within the next five years. This might well be a conservative projection given the average amount of time people spend on social media, up by almost 24% in the past five years, according to the Social Media Engagement Q2 report from GlobalWebIndex.

Moreover, according to The State of Influencer Marketing 2017, a survey of 170 marketers released by Linqia, brands using influencer marketing strategies achieved an average return of $11.69 on each dollar spent.

The ICO was implemented with the support of ICOBox, the world’s premier provider of SaaS ICO solutions. For Dima Zaitsev, Head of International PR & Business Analytics Department Chief, the company’s continued success was easy to predict:

“I could see from the start of our collaboration that SocialMedia.Market had a great team determined to implement their innovative plans in influencer marketing. And ever since the resounding success of their ICO, they have continued to expand and enhance their own influence.”

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