Shping: Incentivizing Retail Shoppers with Cryptocurrency Rewards

By | March 22, 2018

Cryptocurrencies have been on the rise over the past several years. Especially in 2017, cryptocurrency prices surged to all-time high and broke all barriers. A much larger number of people now know about cryptocurrencies than ever before! It is no longer a secret of the techies! However, despite all this surge in awareness and rise in popularity, the cryptocurrency revolution is yet to hit the retail shopping markets!

Shping is a retail marketing platform which intends to bring forward the cryptocurrency revolution to the retail sector. The platform aims at providing various benefits to brands and businesses, as well as to the consumers. Consumers on the shping marketing platform get cryptocurrency rewards as an incentive to perform certain brand-related activities on the Shping app.

Not only does Shping have benefits for the consumers and the brands, but also for the entire shopping industry around the world – which is about to hit $28 Trillion soon. Shping intends to create the largest ever global products database which will list various products from across the world along with complete details about them!

Shping, which uses Shping Coins (SHPING) as the primary means of transaction on the Shping blockchain, is all set to bring in a revolution in the way the shopping sector functions! Let us take a closer look:

Shping Marketing Platform: Benefits for Brands

The Shping marketing platform offers a number of benefits for brands and businesses. The two primary benefits that this platform offers are

  • Reduction of advertising spends and effective advertising
  • Reduction of market research expenses

Using the Shping app, brands can push product videos explaining consumers about the benefits of their products and the kind of benefits that their product has over other products. Moreover, instead of offering discounts on the market price of the product, cryptocurrencies can be given instead of the discount!

Another aspect that benefits brands and businesses here is the fact that Shping helps reduce the market research expenses. Brands can push out surveys to buyers of their products over the product’s performance or questions regarding any new products they intend to launch. Consumers would be rewarded in Shping Coin Cryptocurrencies for answering these surveys and filling these forms.

Shping Marketing Platform: Benefits for Consumers

The Shping marketing platform offers a number of benefits to their consumers as well. One of the biggest benefits that the consumers get is in the form of cryptocurrency rewards. Consumers are rewarded for watching product videos or for filling the surveys and forms that are offered to them. Moreover, the product videos that the consumers watch help them get educated about the benefits of a product and its advantages over other products – helping them make a smart buying decision moving forward.

Shping Coin (SHPING) Token Sale

The Shping Coin token sale is currently underway at Here, 5 Billion Shping Coins (50% of the total Shping Coins ever created) are at sale – at a price of just $0.01 per coin. This is the lowest you can ever get the SHPING cryptocurrency tokens at!

Interested buyers can head over to the aforementioned website and purchase Shping coins. Once the token sale is over, these coins will get listed on cryptocurrency exchanges and open markets where the price would be considerably higher!

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