SafeMoon Review: Price Prediction, Where To Buy, and Latest Updates

By | November 29, 2021

SafeMoon is a newly launched coin in the cryptocurrency market that has managed to make it to the big leagues amidst the latest bull run. So I curated this SafeMoon review to answer everything there is to know about this latest cryptocurrency.

Every crypto investor today is looking for the next Bitcoin (BTC). Truth is, we all wish to be
early owners of the next ‘big thing’. We all want to get to the moon. I empathize.
Below you’ll find everything you need to know, about a coin everybody on Reddit is hyped about.

My personal suggestion to anybody I know who’s looking to invest in any coin is ‘research’.
That’s my Golden tip. By research, I mean we need to know the business, in & out. The
management and the background of the company we are looking to invest in should be people
we trust in. On that note, let us begin with a deeper analysis on SafeMoon.

Please Note: This review is solely to educate our readers about SafeMoon. Investing in any cryptocurrency is done at your own risk.

What is Safemoon?

Safemoon is one of the most recently launched in the crypto market. Launched on 8th March,
2021. Currently, this coin has been creating a lot of buzz in the cyrpto community especially on Reddit.

Safemoon (as the name suggests), claims to take its users ‘safely’ to the moon.
This cryptocurrency has a special business model. A model that is built for its investors.

A reward is paid to every coin Hodler each time a coin is sold to someone else. That’s not it, it
also claims to punish/penalize every time a coin is sold. Since the money has to come from

According to Spacemoon, it plans to keep its holders pleased every time they choose not to sell.
And non-holders/sellers, not so much.

The business model is very unique, a two-edged sword. It’s extremely risky on one hand but, on
the other it’s got plenty of potentials.

The company’s motto is, “Remember, getting to the moon takes time and the longer you hold the more tokens you pickup.”

The motto is simple, it makes you believe in the company’s plan. The company has a model based on patience and sustainability.

They follow the famous adage, “In the game of getting rich, patience is a proven way to get
rich.” This means every other method is unreliable.

How does SafeMoon aim to break into the top 10 cryptocurrencies?

SafeMoon has a clear motive. It plans to reward your patience.
Through a mechanism, the company penalizes 10% tax on its sellers and redistributes 5% of
the received money to its holders. Simply means, each time a transaction is made, you make
more money. Each time you decide to hold, the value of your coin increases.

The expert analysis on Safemoon provided by cryptocurrency experts

Experts have a mixed bag of opinions on this crypto coin. Some experts claim it’s nothing but a coin that will hold no value in the future. Citing that the ambitious business plan of SafeMoon has too many risky components.

On the other hand, plenty of experts have shown faith in the business idea calling it the next big thing. The SafeMoon
coins currently hold good intrinsic value and will continue to rise according to some.

SafeMoon reviews by early investors

Plenty of new investors have invested in the coin and have made significant gains. Here are a few statements that I found on the official site of SafeMoon.
According to Shane Barrett, on 22 March 2021, he wrote,
“I have $5,200 in it at $0.00000010. I’m excited. The developers do AMA’s (Ask Me
Anything) several times a week. You see their faces and their names. They are working
hard and seem to be very transparent.”

Another investor said
“Bought $5000 @ .00000006 and $2000 @.00000016 now my investment peaked at
$52000 today now back to 41000, die to whales selling off. Still, a huge profit after a few
days and I have no intention of selling as coins are burnt daily and my balance also goes up
every time there is a sale.”

People are enjoying healthy profits on their initial investments, which is a good sign for

How can I buy Safemoon?

The process of buying Safemoon coins is not an easy ride. Mainly, you need a Binance Coin
(BNB) which you can use to swap for Safemoon.
Follow these steps:

  1. Set Up a wallet, to hold your coins. Some wallets suggested by Safemoon itself are
    Trust and Metamask. Once your wallet is set, you can now start trading on Binance
    Chain Network
  2. Use your wallet to buy Binance Coin (BNB)
  3. Now withdraw your BNB coin
  4. Next, select BSC Network and visit Pancake Swap (connect your wallet to do that)
  5. At Pancake swap, set your slippage to 11% and press swap
  6. Now, hold your coin.

SafeMoon Predictions

SafeMoon has drawn plenty of comparisons with Dogecoin and gives out a bullish sentiment. There’s a feel in the air, Elon Musk will soon tweet about Safemoon as well, which will pump the coin.
Given his incredible support to BTC and other cryptocurrencies in the market, the richest man on the planet should be in support of this coin.
SafeMoon has all the aspects proving to be worth a bet. I personally would vouch for the cryptocurrency’s business plan.

What does the future hold for SafeMoon?

SafeMoon has tremendous potential. The coin has gone up by 470% in the last 7 days.
The cryptocurrency is forecasted to surpass Dogecoin as well if we take a look at its market chart. In numerical terms, SafeMoon currently has a market cap of 237.67 million dollars as of 27th March 2021.
Many investors continue to jump on the Safemoon ship and the mantra to make money with Safemoon is HODL.

Final Verdict

SafeMoon is in its very early days, but after reading its market chart and its business module I would definitely speculate this coin from a close distance. I hope you find my review on SafeMoon helpful. Feel free to comment below and let me know your thoughts on the same.

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