RMIT Set To Launch Australia’s First Open Blockchain Course

By | February 21, 2018

While cryptocurrencies continue to receive tremendous criticism continues to be extremely controversial, one can simply not deny that it has taken the whole world by storm, it is a topic everybody likes to be debating on these days, Well, amidst all the controversy surrounding this technology one certain Australian university “”The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)” are firm believers that the technology on which its algorithm is established is certainly interesting enough to sparkle the curiosity of students. They declared on Tuesday that the nation’s first short course on blockchain strategy will be offered in their syllabus, with the eight-week course set to conclude somewhere in March 2018.The cost of this entry-level program would be AUS$1,500 which can be undertaken by all entrants, students, etc. This course would cover every little detail on the benefits of this technology and how to implement it across all industries.

Earlier Fintech manager at Stone and Chalk Alan Tsen also mentioned “The situation of blockchain training and a skills gap in the market is clearly evident and banks are already taking advantage of this situation” while also stating that this situation should be addressed soon. Organizations which belong to sectors other than the finance industry have also embraced this futuristic, decentralized, shared ledger as a much more efficient and low-cost method for organizations to analyze and save millions of transactions which they perform on a daily basis.

Furthermore, the vice-chancellor of RMIT Martin Bean went on to add that “the rising popularity blockchain technology is slowly laying down a foundation for the need for digital literacy.” Areas like internet security, healthcare, and electricity to name a few are the ones which present the most opportunity for the ingenious new technology added Helen Souness. As a recent Upwork survey reveals, ‘Bitcoin’ is the single biggest skillset sought after by employers, a trend that isn’t lost on students and young professionals looking to gain an education on the decentralized technology for the future job market.  Gartner predicted the surplus of talent for the ever-flourishing industry to reach $176 by 2025 and a mind-boggling $3.1 trillion by 2030,

“The target of this course is to educate individuals and businesses about the importance of this technology quickly so that they can take maximum advantage of this new opportunity”. Reported RMIT.

Upon completion of the course, Students completing the course shall receive one full credit unit (12 credit points) into select RMIT business programs at a bachelor or master level which would be recognized by potential employers.

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