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Ripple’s XRP development team confirms release of Rippled 1.0.0

by Joel Picardo

Nik Bougalis, one of the lead developers on the Ripple team, confirmed the release of Rippled 1.0.0. Rippled is the name given to the core server of the XRP peer-to-peer network.

Yesterday, on Github, the official Rippled GitHub was set to version 1.0.0 rc1. Rc1 stands for Release Candidate 1, which is known as ‘going silver’. It signifies that the XRP Ledger product is close to being a market item and coming out of its beta stage.

In a response to a tweet by CryptoEspi who picked up on this development and tweeted it to Bougalis, he said:

“What updates? It’s the release candidate for 1.0.”

When asked about the eventual release date for the 1.0.0 product, Bougalis said:

“Software is a bit like a soufflé. You can’t rush it. It’s ready when it’s ready. With that said. I think this particular soufflé will be out of the oven soon.”

This would imply that the software is ready for a non-beta release, becoming a market product and pushing adoption rates to sky high. The Rippled server is at the basis of the XRP Ledger, and advancements in the quality and development of Rippled would mean that the XRP token is also more secure, easy to use, and efficient.

The GitHub page clearly shows the shift of the build version number from ‘1.0.0-b5’ to ‘1.0.0-rc1’. News of the 1.0.0 beta of Ripple have been circulating for some time now, and official confirmation from the development team shows that the beta will complete and a finished product will be launched.

The event also lines up with other significant events in the Ripple space, with May 15th being the date for Ripple’s famed community event. This event features Snoop Dogg as a guest, leading to rumors that the rapper will cut the ribbon for the 1.0.0 update.

Ninja Matt, a Twitter user said:

“my prediction stands that Snoop will be cutting the ceremonial ribbon on the 15th. xRapid production live with Santander, Western Union (WU presenting at another conference on the 15th as well……)…..”

Munch, another Twitter user went along with the soufflé simile and said:

“It needs perfect timing and temperature of the oven The good one worths the wait Especially the one that would change the entire perspective of dessert ecosystem”

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