Research-based Cryptocurrency Exchange Announces the 2nd Survey for Traders

By | August 1, 2018

When comes to cryptocurrency trading, the two main factors to consider are user experience and security. Encrybit believes in creating “a peoples exchange” and announces a send survey for traders which would be live till the 27th of July.

The company plans on collecting data from thousands of traders by asking them a few trading questions. This user insights and opinions would then be used to build one of the most user-friendly exchanges in the crytpo industry. The customer is king and the best way is to build the product is to know the user’s needs, wants and demands.

The first survey was a major success and over 1000 traders participated. Encrybit looks to get even more traders participated in this servery by rewarding them with Bitcoin(BTC), Ripple(XRP) and Encrybit(ENB) tokens.

The winners would be randomly selected among all the participants. The 1st to the 3rd winner would get paid in Bitcoins(BTC) and the 4th and 16th would get paid in Ripple(XRP).

The 1st winner would receive Bitcoins worth $500, the 2nd would receive Bitcoins worth $300, the 3rd winner would receive Bitcoins worth $100, the 4th winner would receive Ripple worth $75, the 5th winner would receive Ripple worth $50, the 6th to the 16th position winners would receive Ripple worth $25 each. This servery makes make it very rewarding not only for the exchange but also for the participants.


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