Pornhub disappointed as the number of crypto-based subscriptions declines

By | September 29, 2018

Pornhub had made a drastic improvement as it revealed that users can buy a premium subscription of Pornhub with cryptocurrency back in April, starting with Verge coins a privacy-focused ICO. And by the looks of it, the aftermath of the announcement has left the pornography views with absolutely no interest in this payment method.

TheNextWeb, a news website recently reported, that there are less than 1% of the purchases made through Pornhub’s new cryptocurrency payment method. However, this did not affect the adult industry giants from being hopeful about the new blockchain technology. A spokesperson of Pornhub says the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain will grow shortly.

Pornhub allows users to buy premium subscriptions with cryptocurrency. Allowing them to pay from an introduced crypto-payment privacy-focused Verge Token, that in turn enables it to spread its roots to other currencies like Zencash, and TRON.

The Pornhub company has said that by implementing Ethereum-based payment, it hopes to increase the number of crypto-based subscriptions.

The purpose of integrating cryptos as a payment method is to maintain complete privacy and security for a user since the attacks made on the platforms started to fend with 51% as the adaption of the crypto-based payments came in use. Pornhub has also said that it chose PumaPay (payment gateway) for its flexible billing capabilities including recurring payments.

So far it’s clear that Pornhub is way ahead when it comes to adapting the cryptocurrency methods. Possible reasons for less crypto-based subscriptions might be due to the limited collection of coins.
According to our analysts, if the company starts to accept popular coins such as Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCC), it could drastically improve the number the crypto-based subscribers for Pornhub.

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