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Playboy announces its ambitions to create their own crypto wallet

by Safdarali Rizvi

Playboy and Cryptos- A perfect match?

In an audacious bid to take advantage and capitalize on the opportunities of the crypto world, men’s lifestyle entertainment icon Playboy has announced their involvement in the crypto world.

On today, the multifaceted media company revealed that  actions have been taken for developing an online payment wallet that will support several cryptocurrencies all over the company’s digital, online media and casual gaming businesses.

Let’s further analyze and access the companies aim.

Making its Debut

Playboy Enterprises is best known for distributing Playboy magazine in the U.S and licenses foreign editions of Playboy. It operates Playboy.com, a leading lifestyle, and amusement webpage; and makes content for dissemination by means of TV stations, sites, portable stages, and radio.

With every one of those numerous media arms, the organization sees tremendous opportunities for the crypto space and also a useful asset for business.

In any case, it’s Playboy.TV that the organization sees as profiting the most from cryptos.

Reena Patel, Playboy’s chief commercial officer stated in a press release

“As the popularity of substitute payment methods continues to spread around the world, along with the reach of Playboy’s digital platforms, we felt it was significant to allow our 100 million monthly consumers increased payment flexibility.”

The process of doing it

Playboy is tapping a decentralized Blockchain stage called Vice Industry Token (VIT). It will at first be taken off for its Playboy.TV. This will enable the online stage to acknowledge tokens from watchers so they can watch adult-up content.

 By coordinating with VIT, Playboy expresses that guests won’t just have the capacity to pay and acquire tokens to see Playboy.TV’s pornographic substance, however, they’ll additionally have the capacity to remark on and vote in favor of substance.

 In disclosing this offering, the organization expresses that other driving cryptographic money tokens will be acknowledged with the goal that watchers can get to Playboy’s select substance

“This innovation will enable the millions of people who enjoy our content, as well as those in the future who participate in our casual gaming, AR and VR platforms, various choices with regard to payment and in the case of VIT, an opportunity to be rewarded for engaging with Playboy offerings.”

The trump card of cryptos

Due to the fact that this is indeed an adult porn industry, thus, in the end, people often hesitate and refuse to provide their personal identification information to watch it. This is where Playboy aims to launch its trump card “cryptocurrencies” which possesses the feature of anonymity.

Forbes emphasized the disruptive nature Playboy’s effort could have on the space by stating:

Not only could this technology disrupt the adult entertainment industry, but it can also possibly change the way consumers interact with all forms of content online. By offering rewards and payments for consuming and engaging with content, users can theoretically get paid to read articles, binge-watch their favorite TV show or like and comment on a variety of posts.

The company has also hinted at plans to integrate cryptocurrency to its casual gaming, AR and VR initiatives in the near future. It was also announced that before the year ends the new digital wallet will be available

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