PDF Bear: Comprehensive Guide On Converting Word to PDF

By | November 17, 2020

These days, PDF file formats are essential to our daily lives. Whether it’s supposed to be in your workplace or at school, and you may want that Word, PPT, Excel, and other file formats turned into PDF so you won’t have to deal with problems such as missing fonts, images, and any sheets during your presentation or passing of projects. It’d be trouble if that happens.

So imagine if you went to your workplace or class and you have a presentation, but then the device there won’t cater to your Word file because it is not compatible. That’s where online converter tools come in. PDF Bear is a web app to convert any of your files into PDF, vice-versa. With just several clicks, you can convert that Word into PDF real quick.

4 Easy Steps From Word To PDF

All you need is a browser and an internet connection. You don’t need to download any app or program to your device because everything takes place online. In PDF Bear, It only takes 2 minutes to convert your DOC or Word to PDF. There are only four steps to complete the conversion. With PDF Bear’s conversion tool, you can also handle DOCX to PDF conversion.

So the first step is to simply upload your Microsoft Word document you want to convert. Then the online converter tool will scan your Word document in seconds. You won’t have to wait long enough because the converted PDF will be ready for you to download after the conversion finishes. It’s so simplified that the tool already set the best possible settings for you.

Why PDF Bear As Your Standard Online Converter Tool

There are numerous online converter tools out there. You can just search your browser, and the list is endless. In regards to converting to and from PDF, PDF Bear offers the most compact and comfortable service. You just have to follow the instructions step by step, and within minutes or so, you have already converted your files to your desired file format.

As aforementioned above, it offers an all in one package. Everything you want to do when it comes to PDFs it’s here. Convert, merge, split, compress, organize, optimize, view, edit, you can do it on their web app. PDF Bear also has the most comfortable and accessible service. It lives up to their slogan, “Making PDF better together.” In here, PDF has never been easier.

Are you worried about your files’ security and confidentiality?

Are you bothered about your files getting hacked and dupped as such? You could assume that some files may contain any personal or private information. You don’t have to brood over those kinds of stuff because PDF Bear secures and cares for its users. They respect privacy. They assure you that all the data you uploaded, for whichever purpose, are protected.

In PDF Bear, privacy is paramount. It’s 100% safe with their conversion tool, meaning they do not store any files or type of documents you upload on their server. All the files you have uploaded to their server will be deleted within 60 minutes or so after the conversion. Take note that the contents you and their server uploads are exclusively only to yourself. Rest easy.


Online tool converters are essential these days, especially to those who work at offices or students in high school and college. PDF Bear sure can take off the workload. It’s the most convenient online tool converter, and for sure, you will be satisfied with the quick and easy to learn steps. Having this tool at your grasp would really be satisfying and reassuring.

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