NEO on the verge of touching $150 given the recent attention

By | February 27, 2018

2018 has been a really good year for NEO and is picking up speed again. In the last 24hours, the coin has seen a 22% growth, growing to almost $143.99. While trading on binance has also aided Neo coin  in the past week, trading on bit has seen a notable premium rise of above $148

NEO trading against tether (USDT) has made it the top 10 most actively traded pair on Binance. 8% of the trading volumes on binance is done by NEO  pairs.

One of the reasons for the latest rise in the increase in the general hype and activity which creates a domino effect. The second reason is the drop of neo to NEO to its news lows.

But there is also another possibility as NEO has seen a rise in Bitcoin. The major spike against NEO has been seen in the last 24 hours.

The Ontology Airdrop

The ontology airdrop expectation has created most of the recent spike in NEO activity

Binance and also the comparatively new exchange KuCoin are one amongst the few that support the NEO ecosystemeach in terms of GAS distribution, and in distributing all assets and acting sort of a full NEO walletwhereas it’s risky keeping coins on exchanges, this implies that coin traders won’t miss on benefits and wouldn’t  move their coins claiming an occasional airdrop, or GAS rewards.

The GAS asset has also appreciated, though it is still quite far-reaching its potential prices. GAS witnessed a significant growth of more than 24% in the past day to $45.66.

A high amount of activity on binance resulted in the uplifting of the in-house token, it also showed quite an improvement.In the past day itself its value appreciated by 18% to $10.96 from recent lows of$6.70

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