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NBA Fans can now use cryptocurrency to purchase game tickets

by Lionel Pereira

Mark Cuban, owner of the popular National Basketball Association [NBA] team, Dallas Mavericks recently announced that fans and customers can purchase tickets for basketball games with cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrencies accepted would be Bitcoin and Litecoin.

In a press conference, Cuban announced the deal and revealed his initial plans. He indicated that he had planned to introduce cryptocurrency earlier this year, but the deal fell through. 5miles is the new official jersey patch sponsor for the team, which is a marketplace that sells goods in exchange for online currency, including cryptocurrency.

The Mavericks join the list of NBA teams to accept cryptocurrency for their games. The management stated that Mark Cuban was a cryptocurrency investor and would only invest in things he believed would make him money.

Cuban states:

“This is probably the first deal ever done for a jersy patch where the first exchange was a white paper on cryptocurrencies.”

He further adds:

“One of the things that they’re taking the lead on that I tink is important is combining the blockchain with a marketplace in order to create a safer environment and a more secure environment.”

Harrison Branes, one of the players for the Mavericks will be the brand ambassador for 5miles. The company has partnered with Aliant payments to accept Litecoin, and Coinbase commerce to accept Bitcoin. This would ensure faster and safe transactions.

Cuban comments on working with 5miles:

“The inclusion of cryptocurrencies had a lot to do with working with 5miles, I’ve always tried to be two steps ahead, and that’s where we really got the greatest match.”

Grawin Chan the CFO of 5miles says:

“What we are comfortable with is, based on our interaction and our experience working with Mark and his team, they’re been nothing but a world-class organiztion so far. They’re putting everything they can do to investigate excatly what happened and also put in place best practices.”

Lisanna a Twitter user says:

“Nice news my friend! The future is looking brighter everyday!”

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