NANO (XRB) on par to gaining its top 20 status by reaching $15

By | February 27, 2018

The XRB coin lifts itself in spite of recent lows, leaving behind the BitGrail drama.

Where most of the currencies don’t look to be doing so good, NANO (XRB) seems to take advantage of the recent market scenario. XRB is quickly heading towards $15 within days of it dropping down to $9. Now that they have started trading on the Binance platform XRB/BTC has managed to jump ahead of the ETH/BTC pair as the third most active pair. Another positive factor for Nano (XRB) is the new price spike which sees XRB’s rate rising above $14 within a day. If they continue at this rate It won’t take very long for XRB to compete in the top 20 of coins once again.

As it’s been the case in recent times trending prosperous assets have been taking over the market from time to time, It has directly impacted Binance coins as they see a change of priorities. In the case of NANO, the hype may continue for a few more days.

Perhaps the biggest news from the project would be the wallet releases, especially for iOS. So far, mobile wallets are only in the testing stage, and the team continues to test the network for conflicts and attack points.

The extra attention which XRB are receiving due to high exposure on Binance, may be a major factor for the current rise in XRB. Although one can also say that this scenario may be just a reaction to the over-correction, since the coin’s fundamentals remain strong and it has proven to gain popularity quickly, especially with the increased visibility on Binance.

Speculations of a listing on Coinbase

Crypto’s are no strangers to the fact that a listing on Coinbase has immensely affected their value in the past with Ripple (XRP) being an ideal example of this scenario. NANO seems to take inspiration from this and are rumored to get listed on Coinbase. Inspite of the fact that Coinbase started auditing for new additions to its small selection of coins to buy presence on Coinbase. They still possess the capability of lifting a coin, and actually boosting real cash into the market.

NANO however is still in its initial stages and a relatively new project, also including an asset to Coinbase has proven extremely difficult. What also cannot be denied is the fact that these rumours are often over-hyped, which add to the artificial price inflation.

Charlie Lee Puts Spotlight on NANO

The main credit for NANO getting so much attention has to be given to one Charlie Lee briefing the developer team on Reddit. Lee generally has been somewhat sceptical regarding the network, he revealed his concerns of possible attacks and double-spending. However, catching the attention of one of the most influential voices in the crypto community who also happens to be the creator of Litecoin, is quite a remarkable achievement for NANO.

In spite, of having initial concerns Lee still had an opinion for the progress of NANO he also stated

“I like what I see so far. Dev team with their heads screwed on straight. Good visions of doing transfer of value only and doing it right. Still not sure how it can achieve it without tradeoffs. But so far, I don’t see any glaring holes in the approach.”

However even after having a good strategy and some solid technologies to back it up XRB price continues to remain volatile, the high spikes, in the past few days itself have been followed by a sharp drop, and renewed buying. While XRB has risen above $32 in the past, it is a know fact that volumes fluctuate is a sheer example that the cryptocurrency market is highly

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