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By | June 16, 2020

Change can be difficult for most people. The majority of people prefer to keep things the way they are and avoid any changes.  However, change is an important component of personal growth and development and should be encouraged.  Embracing change in one area of our lives can impact many areas. For instance, changing your career path can impact your personal and social development.

Being open to new ideas and challenges can lead to new and exciting life experiences.   Being prepared to try new things can sometimes provide fun prizes, perhaps even winning an Intertops Casino deposit bonus.

Internal Changes

Embracing change helps a person become what they aim to be.  Making changes in your life can be truly rewarding and shows that you have an important life skill.   It means that you are able to evaluate what needs altering in your life in order to make it work better.  You are able to trust yourself and your ability to make choices in order to progress further.

In order to prevent inertia, it is important to be constantly on the look out for ways to move and change and progress. Developing new skills, changing your daily routine, making changes to the way you present yourself.  These changes are in your control, they come from within you.

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External Changes

Changes do occur that are beyond our control. Changes outside of our control can impact our lives and force changes upon usSometimes these changes are positive, sometimes negative.  Either way they are likely to teach us something. 

These external changes often require us to adapt to new ways and to learn to be more flexible. These external changes often propel us forward and help us to try new experiences. It is always possible to find the positive in any change.

For instance, for those working in project management it is always important to be open to the changes taking place around them.  Having the ability to adapt to changes and challenges that arise is a basic requirement for healthy personal growth. 

Change prevents stagnation

Both internal and external changes will have an impact on our working lives, our careers. Often interesting changes take place regularly, even monthly changing the way we need to work.  The world is continually changing with new trends and technologies.

Being able to adapt and “go with the flow” will ensure that you have an interesting career path.  Staying in one spot, without any change, will not provide much growth and will lead ultimately to stagnation.

Change creates opportunity and new experiences 

Any change that occurs brings with it the chance to try new things and to consider new opportunities, in your career or in your personal life.   It is important to weigh up the benefits created by these changes and new circumstances.

Sometimes we need to take risks in order to grow and develop and it is important to learn how to take risks and how to deal with failure efficiently as this is very much part of life.   Embracing new experiences and opportunities will lead to personal growth and should be encouraged.

Change puts an end to bad situations 

However, the bad situation came about, change makes it possible to end it and rid you of the unhappy place you may be in. Accepting and embracing change will propel you forward, and move you into a better situation.  

Not being open to change or pushing away chances for change will leave you in a static place and you will miss many opportunities for growth and development.  You have the ability to create your own change if you don’t like the situation you find yourself in.

Change allows you to move to the next place

We sometimes get stuck in the past and we must move slowly but resolutely towards something new. Small daily changes and the progress that brings will motivate you to make further changes.  Sometimes it is difficult to see beyond the bad situation we find ourselves in and this can have a detrimental effect on personal growth.  

Personal growth is a lifelong process.  You can get help in moving forward and creating change in your life by investing in some professional training.  This will help you to kick start your personal development program.  

Change equals progress

You may feel that your progress is slow in your personal growth or in your chosen career path.   You may feel that you still have a long way to go until you reach your goals.  However, you should look back on all the small changes that you may have made and see the way they have impacted you and your development. 

It could be that you have made more progress than you realize.  Progress is a continuous goal and any changes, however small, you make will help you with this. Training and learning new skills is always a good way to promote change.

Change is a record of life’s journey

As we go through life, things, people, technology will change.  You will be able to see your personal life and your career journey through the many changes you are likely to have made.   You will remember those times when you took risks and grabbed those opportunities when they arose. 

You will remember those times when things didn’t work out and you needed to make more changes.   All this is part of the journey of life.  All the changes and opportunities we embrace are part of our own personal story. Without these changes, life would remain static personal growth would not be possible.

Change happens whether we like it or not

It is not possible to exist without change occurring. It could be that you don’t like change but it is impossible to avoid it.   Change will occur, sometimes suddenly without warning and without your agreement. But there are instances of change that we can control and it is always best to embrace change whenever possible and move forward.  


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