KureCoinHub becomes Africa’s first CryptoBank to foster economic empowerment

By | March 27, 2018

KureCoinHub is a new cryptocurrency coin launched in Africa, which mainly targets the mainstream users. Considered as the biggest cryptocurrency project in the continent, it is seen as an investment solution that will help Africans overcome poverty.

The whole concept will run on a self-service banking platform, set up on the apportioned system of Ethereum blockchain smart-contracts. The objective of the crypto bank is to make the African investors economically empowered. This can be achieved by building up a unique access point for the mainstream users, who are foraying into cryptocurrency, just like investors Jean Claude Bastos De Morais, the Quantum Global Group Owner.

The KureCoinHub is stated as the trifecta of a bank, wherein the exchange platform is known as KUREX and the coin as KURECOIN. Experts affirm that KureCoinHub is integrated on a secure system, developed upon the avant-garde security of Ethereum smart-contracts. The Ethereum smart-contracts are notorious for being well-suited for direct buyer-seller transactions.

Tega Abikure, the CEO and Founder of KureCoin said, “The crypto bank was created to facilitate easy buying and selling of the cryptocurrency.” Abikure and his team saw an opportunity to leverage on blockchain technologies to overcome the long-prevailing problem of limited access to capital. The idea was to create a system of zero collateral loans using the crypto-assets.

“We wanted to create a platform to ensure ease of transaction and exchange of bitcoin, altcoin, Naira, or any other local fiat currency,” Abikure added.

One added benefit of KureCoinHub is that it will ease the chronic problem of slow and costly currency payment systems. The investors also face challenges while making international transactions, which will now come to an end.

The crypto-bank ventured into the market with a Pre-ICO, followed by the ICO phase. Pre-ICO aims to improve the hub; the bank in the near-term. The hub will shortly be functional to facilitate smooth transactions of coins. Gradually, the exchanges will swing into action in full gears.

Tega Abikure said: “As an investor, my primary need is to get my money to work for me, and ICO offers that opportunity. This revolutionary ICO will help in liquidating your bitcoin in order to access cash, denominated in local or fiat currencies.”

“We wanted to solve this problem, other than reinventing finance in the traditional banking system,” added Abikure.

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