Kenyans Pay Local Restaurant Bitcoin for delicious Meals and knowledgeable Classes on Cryptocurrency

By | October 26, 2018

Mount Kenya presents visitors with a visual appeal reminiscent of the ambiance in a realm of utopia. Beyond the charm and aura lies a tech-savvy Kenyan restaurant that has included cryptocurrencies for improving payment.

Betty’s site puts its culinary abilities into practical use in “nyama choma,” a tantalizing goat chicken barbeque that many Kenyans savor.

Located in the provincial town of Nyeri, roughly 90 miles (150km) from the sprawling federal capital, Nairobi, it is one of the several startups in the country that has adopted blockchain technologies by providing customers make payment with two cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Dash.

The Proprietress of the restaurant enthused on her strength to latch onto the big picture.

“Since the world is becoming more global, my place is also becoming a global restaurant,” she said.

The interests of her ingenuity include the transfer of visitors who stop by at her restaurant from various parts of the world.

“I attract different customers from different parts of the world, whichever coin they have. As long as it’s a viable coin, we accept it.”

Ms. Wambugu speculated into trading in Bitcoin some years back, and within the space of 24 months, her functioning capital became large enough to acquire the two-story Nyeri hotel which she renamed Betty’s Place.

Strategically located along Nyeri’s major road axis, Betty’s Place has a powerful aesthetic appeal with its colorful mustard-colored walls and magnificent windows. The design itself is a luring appeal to the libido that wells in the stomach. Hungry patrons happen to the bait of such powerful aroma of meat on the grill. When you unite the melodious symphony of the Kenyan orchestra, you can assume why many have found the place as a resort.

Bitcoin Tutorials

Betty’s Place is not just a place where you enjoy the different culinary cuisine of Kenyans, and it is also growing a citadel for studying the rudiments of Bitcoin. Ms. Wambugu prides herself as a crypto-currency pioneer, and it will be out of place if she is criticized since she is putting her nous into possible use.

She began tutorial concourses on bitcoin for interested people, and the classes held every Sunday at her eatery.

“I’ve set aside one day where I can teach my customers. Whoever asks about cryptocurrencies: How does it work? What is Bitcoin? I train them.” she said.

Blockchain Technology Used In Housing Scheme

Cryptocurrency adoption in Kenya grasps rising despite a recurrent warning by the country’s apex bank, notifying its citizens on the dangers of dealing with digital assets. While the country’s central bank has cautioned citizens against cryptocurrencies, the State’s Housing and Urban Development has worked out plans to incorporate blockchain technology for the administration of Government housing units.

The latest innovation is aimed at generating a scheme that will efficiently allot houses using complicated ledger for proper administration.

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