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IOTA [MIOTA] replaces its current Testnet, calls the old one “Mainnet Lite”

by Joel Picardo

According to recent news, the IOTA Foundation has launched a new testnet. They have officially renamed the current testing network to ‘Devnet’. An alternative to Blockchain, that is used for testing is termed to be a “Testnet”. Testnet is a mock version of mainnet which is used for testing purposes. These testnets have separate and different coins and do not hold any significant value.

Devnet will run the most stable and latest version of IOTA reference implementation widely known as the IRI. Devnet is an experiment which will allow developers and coin testers to make changes without using or risking the main coin chain.

Edward Greve, the Head of Engineering at IOTA Foundation, on their official blog post, says:

“At least two more testnets are coming soon: Canarynet and Testnet1(leaving room for a Testnet2 as you can guess). Canarynet will be specifically for testing new versions of IRI before they hit the Mainnet, and the other testnets would be for… well, everything else! We’ll probably come up with some better names as they are released, but for now, it’s enough to know that they are on the way.”

‘Devnet’ will be taking over the main testnet and they have planned to introduce at least three more testnets in the near future: Spamnet, Canarynet, and Testnet1.

As an introduction to Spamnet, IOTA on their official news handle of Twitter tweeted:

#IOTA spamnet is live! https://spamnet.tanglemonitor.com

Along with the tweet, they attached an image of the Spamnet.

Spamnet | Source: IOTA

Spamnet | Source: IOTA

IOTA confirmed that in the coming weeks and months, by leveraging their public networks, they will be able to test and validate significant improvements to the tip selection algorithm. They are looking at two of the more prominent network phenomena that have recurred regularly in recent months, that is, blowballs and CTPS variance.

A few days ago, IOTA announced their collaboration with UNOPS and their sponsorship of Blockchain for peace innovation alliance. Along with that, they recently tweeted and posted the release of their testnets. While the market is down, IOTA is welcoming changes.

IOTA is ranked #10 on the CoinMarketCap with a market cap of $4.1 billion and is trading at a price of $1.50 to a token, at the time of writing.

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