Top 10 Indoor HDTV Antennas For Free to View OTA Channels

By | October 9, 2020

Cables have started becoming an expendable commodity with an expensive price tag. With OTT(Over-the-top) services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon prime, Disney+, the cable network has become less appealing to the current generation of subscribers who do not have the patience to sit through unnecessary advertisements nor wait for a time slot to watch a show. With a premium OTT, you can watch your favorite shows and movies at any time and from any place.

If you are looking to avoid paying expensive cable TV and OTT fees there is a way to watch location channels for free. To get these channels for free on your TV you will need an indoor OTA TV antenna positioned in the directing with the strongest frequency.

What is an Indoor TV Antenna?

As the name suggests an Indoor TV antenna is kept indoors, unlike your regular conventional antennas that need to be fixed on your roof. 

By installing an indoor antenna you eliminate the need of protecting the antennas from encroachment and other interferences. It is also safer in comparison to outdoor antennas which require frequent positioning adjustments meaning many trips on to your terrace or roof.

The New-age antennas have several benefits. An indoor antenna is a small device that can be placed inside the room, mounted on the TV, or placed beside the television. You can configure and control the antenna from the comfort of your entertainment room.

Do you need an Indoor Antenna for TV?

Cord-cutting has become a growing trend as we find more and more people subscribing to online OTTs every day. By canceling conventional cable you avoid paying expensive subscriptions just to watch limited shows at specific times and not to mention the annoying ads.

You can still get free cable TV even if you cancel your subscription as many stations like NBC, CBS, TCW, and more are airing a set of their channel for free. Both these stations and their sub-stations also broadcast popular TV shows as per the current schedule.

In the US alone there are nearly 400 TV channels that can be streamed for free in various parts of the country. If you are residing in another country, to find the free-to-air channels all you have to do it type free to air channels (your country name) and you will be bombarded with a list. 

For instance: For residents of India you should type ” Free to air channels in India.”

10 Best Indoor HDTV Antennas to Watch Free OTA Channels

1. ANTOP HDTV Antenna Paper Thin AT-133B


Range: 50 miles+

Channels received: Over 79 channels

Video Support: High Definition 1080p 

Cable Length: 10 feet coaxial cable

Weight: Roughly 600 grams.

Warranty: 1 year

We start off the list with a very sleek designed indoor TV antenna by Antop. It is one of the lightest antennas available for TVs. The width of the antenna is roughly 0.02inch which can be fitted in the narrowest of spaces in your home or office. You will barely notice this antenna in your indoor space yet enjoy maximum frequency for your Television.

What Impresses users

– In comparison to all its competitors in the market the indoor antenna by Anton is the smallest. With a width of barely 0.02 inches and 1.3pounds in weight, it can be placed in the narrowest of spaces.

– You can view any TV channels without any glitches as it supports all 4K channels on 1080p output.

– You can blend the antenna as per the aesthetics of your room as it has a paintable surface Aesthetics of the antenna can also be designed to complement the features of your TV unit. Overall a useful feature to explore your creative side as part of your DIY home decoration.

– The antenna can boost signals for HD channels with its inbuilt 3G/4G signal filter which blocks interference from cellular signals.

Potential Improvements 

– The amplifier can be a complicated proposition for users who are not so tech-savvy 

2. AmazonBasics Indoor Flat TV Antenna

AmazonBasics Indoor Antenna

Range: 35 miles

Channels received: Nearly 69 channels

Video Support: 1080p HD

Cable Length: 10 feet coaxial cable

Weight: Roughly 300 grams,

Warranty: 1 year(with 30 days product return+refund)

AmazonBasics is one of the exclusive products from The largest online retailer is well known to offer cheaper alternatives to many products and commodities. offers one of the best HD antenna for TVs at a reasonable price. AmazonBasics delivers all the basic functionalities that people would want from a reasonably priced indoor antenna.

What impresses users

– One of the cheapest alternative in comparison to indoor antennas from reputed brands that perform its primary job efficiently.

– 30-days no questions asked return and refund policy with Amazon trust factor. None of its competitors offer the same.

– the antenna received Multi-directional which eliminates the need to constantly point it in different directions to catch signals.

– The antenna comes in Dual colors, with black and white on either side. The panel can be painted to suit the aesthetics of your interiors

Potential Improvements

– A fair amount of users have reported that the Reception is sensitive. Consumers can find it easier to understand the functionalities if the manufacturers can include a detailed manual along with the Antenna.

3. Winegard FL5500A Indoor HD TV Antenna

Winegard FL5500A Indoor

Range: 50 miles

Channels received: Nearly 55 channels

Video Support: supports 4K UHD 

Cable Length: 18.5 feet coaxial cable

Weight: Roughly 149 grams.

Warranty: 1 year(limited)

When it comes to antennas Winegard is one of the oldest manufacturers dating nearly half a century ago. The company has always emphasized on bringing innovations in the wireless antenna technology to sustain in the long run. Among its many accolades is Winegard’s contribution to the first successful human-crewed mission to Moon, Apollo 11.

In comparison to its competitors, the indoor antenna by Winegard is priced a bit higher, however, the features and functionalities are the same. Along with the Winegard brand name, this is one of the easiest indoor antennas to set up that also comes with the latest television system standards.

What impresses users

– Enhanced antenna performance in all conditions and interferences as it has an embedded amplifier with low noise(1 DB).

–you receive an additional 3 feet power USB cable along with the coaxial cable to connect in rooms with power outlets that cannot reach the proximity of the TVs.

– the antenna supports broadcasting if 4K UHD. Make sure your TV offers support for the 4K picture and the tuner. If your TV offers the right functionalities then this will be the best HDTV TV antenna in the price range for you

– The antenna works effortlessly with Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, and other standard streaming devices for televisions.

Potential improvements 

– Reception can get screechy occasionally

4. Mohu Leaf 30 TV Antenna

Mohu Leaf30 Antenna

Range: 40 miles+

Channels received: More than 80 channels

Video Support: HDTV 1080p

Cable Length: 10 feet detachable coaxial cable

Weight: Roughly 255 grams

Warranty: 1 year

Mohu is one of the top manufacturers that offer you a range of indoor HD antennas for TV. All its antenna products are flexible as a leaf. You can semi-fold the antenna to mount/stick it on different surfaces. The company markets its LEAF ANTENNA technology with the story of it being inspired by USA military’s advanced anti-mine tech.

What impresses users

– You can past the Leaf-life form of antenna to virtually any surface. A majority of Consumers find this helpful because they can stick it behind their TVs. It brings out a clutter-free look to the entire entertainment unit.

–The antenna is connected through the coaxial cable. Using an HDMI port you can also connect it to Fire Stick TV and Chromecast.

– in comparison to it’s earlier models the latest Mohu antenna has an easy Setup process.

Potential improvements

– The company claims that you get a multi-dimensional POINT FREE antenna included, however, our experts say otherwise. To obtain the best clarity on free channels the antenna requires some initial positioning.

5. Philips Indoor TV Antenna SDV8311B

Philips Indoor Antenna

Range: 40 miles+

Channels received: More than 42 channels

Video Support: 1080p HDTV, 4K UHD

Cable Length: 6 feet cable

Weight: Roughly 150 grams.

Warranty: N/A

Philips has two indoor TV antennas currently available. While one of Philip’s antennas is shaped like a soundbar and delivers a bad reception, the other antenna model has a strong reception for a wide range also offers a variety of free-to-view TV stations.

What impresses users

– Superior reception for UHF and VHF based stations in USA

– Supports all TV models including modern and older ones.

– come inclusive of a stand for standalone antenna placement.

Potential improvements

– We expected a longer coaxial cable with the box.

6. GE UltraPro HD Amplified Antenna

GE UltraPro Amplified Antenna

Range: 55 miles+

Channels received: More than 52 channels

Video Support: 1080 HDTV, 4K UHD support

Cable Length: NO cable provided

Weight: Roughly 453 grams.

Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty

GE(General Electrics) is a multinational conglomerate behemoth that manufactures and transports its products and services to more than 1000s sectors worldwide. General Electrics released a limited-edition product GE Ultrapro which is evidently one of the best indoor TV antenna available. GE Ultrapro comes with the GE Build-quality, and additional benefits of quick customer service that is rated highly by American and European consumers.

What impresses users

– The antenna has a Hover design that can be fitted in any space. The antenna can be mounted on top, below, or back of the TV. It easily blends with the entertainment unit.

– Through GE’s digital antenna you can enjoy incredible antenna reception that has crisper HD picture and clearer sound on the TV set.

– Solutions to customers’ problems and doubts within minutes thanks to General Electrics Award-winning lifetime expert customer support.

Potential improvements

– No coaxial cable is provided with the set. As one of the top indoor antennas customers would expect a standard 10 feet cable to be included in the starter kit.

7. 1byone Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

 Indoor HDTV Antenna

Range: 80 miles+

Channels received: More than 70 channels

Video Support: 1080p HDTV

Cable Length: 16.5 feet cable

Weight: Roughly 198 grams.

Warranty: 2 years warranty(90 days return)

Indoor antenna by 1byone is compatible with the latest ATSC 3.0 through which it can support all Television sets in the market. It is also compatible with VHF and UHF in all regular bands of frequencies that are aired by broadcasting stations. 

What impresses users

– the starter kit comes inclusive of a high-quality coaxial cable. You receive the 2.5C 2V cable in comparison to the standard 1.5C 2V cable offered by other competing antennas. There is an additional layer of copper wiring that improves signal reception, increases durability and picture clarity.

–Users can buy the indoor TV antenna without stressing about the quality and reliability as 1byone offers a massive 2-year warranty on their HD antenna.

Potential improvements

–Baring the occasion channels reception problem faced by all indoor antennas our experts did not find any shortcomings in 1byone.

Long Range Indoor TV Antennas – 100 miles and Above-

For all those customers who are looking for long-range TV antennas of 100 miles range and more. The next three antennas are the three best long-range outdoor/indoor TV antennas available currently as per our expert analysis.

8. WeGuard TV AntennaH

Range: 90 miles+

Channels received: More than 70 channels

Video Support: 1080p HDTV, 4K UHD

Cable Length: 18 feet cable

Weight: Roughly 110 gram.

Warranty: 2 years warranty(90 days return)

WeGuard HDTV has an easy on the eyes model, it has brilliant features that blend in naturally with your indoor decorations. Along with a table lamp, this antenna is astoundingly durable and able to cover long-range reception of over 90 miles with ease.

What impresses users

– The advanced and upgraded amplifier can cover signal range of 90-120 miles with ease. The reception and range of the antenna get an added boost with the preinstalled IC-based signal booster.

– the range of the reception can be extended even further with the Signal booster that is in-built into the antenna.

– The antenna offers HD quality clarity and sound. There is single-channel stability as the antenna has a Switch amplifier that filters out interference. Depending on your requirements you can manually configure the antenna to Short Range and Long Range.

– WeOne offers 24/7 customer support for issues, queries, and, questions. They reply within minutes

Potential improvements

– Our experts found this antenna to be a steal for its price range. 

9. Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna by Gesobyte

 Digital TV Antenna

Range: 120 miles

Channels received: More than 60 channels

Video Support: 1080 HDTV, 4K UHD support

Cable Length: 18 feet coaxial cable

Weight: Roughly 340 grams.

Warranty: 1 year

Amplified HD Digital TV antenna falls under the best 100-mile range indoor TV and is currently the leading seller in the Indoor TV antennas category. The product offers warranty cover but you will need to spend a few minutes to register the product online. if the antenna is not available in any store in your locality you can contact Gesobyte on their Facebook page. You can also contact them if you find the RMA process complicated.

What impresses users

–The latest 2020 booster comes with a new amplifier that delivers more channels and better clarity for augmenting the HD Antenna reception.

– The antenna connects with Chromecast, Roku, and other media streaming players for TV

– Compared to the other antenna in this price range, Gesobyte is the only one that offers an impressive range of 120 miles.

Potential improvements

–Several customers have complained about Customer service grievance. The process of mailing the product for availing physical warranty is annoying for customers.

10. Outdoor/Indoor TV Antenna by Forlovv

Outdoor/Indoor TV Antenna

Range: 150 miles+

Channels received: More than 85 channels

Video Support: 1080p HDTV, 4K UHD

Cable Length: 36 feet cable

Weight: N/A

Warranty: Lifetime warranty(90 days return)

This TV antenna is from the hybrid range of antennas. Our expert scout it as the only 150-mile indoor tv antenna section that lives up to the range it promises. You can use the TV antenna indoor or outdoor based on your personal preference. The antenna works without a single hiccup in all weathers as it is outdoor-friendly. It has a cylindrical built that looks bulky from the exterior.

What impresses users

– Sunlight and Waterproof proof coating applied on the exterior making it an ideal choice as an outdoor TV antenna if needed. It comes with adhesive strips that can stick the antenna on any indoor surfaces.

– Its 150 miles of range is the longest reception offered by any indoor antenna.

– The started kit comes inclusive with a High quality 2.5V coaxial cable.

Potential improvements

– Our experts say that Forlovv needs to improve its custom support this would persuade even more fence-sitting prospective buyers.

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Most Popular OTA Free Channels

In case you are wondering which channels can be watched using indoor TV antennas. Here is a list of a few of the most popular free TV channels networks that broadcast some of their channels for FREE.

Nasa TV
Bloomberg TV Asia


We hope we covered all aspects you would need to find your best indoor TV antenna. Every generic model of antennas currently available offers exciting features that you may not find in competitor’s products. But after going through this list you will be a lot less confused while buying an indoor antenna.

Let us know in the comment section if you found this list of the best indoor antennas for TV to be helpful. If we missed out on any antennas that you would use in your home do let us know.

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