Huge games, including games as big as World of Warcraft, can now directly run on the blockchain, or the public ledger technology backing the cryptocurrencies. As Loom Network announced that it has a next-generation blockchain platform which will enable developers to run Huge games.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have quite significantly increased their value, however they are still quite slow at updating transactions. A very famous game, CryptoKitties,  where you buy and sell and breed kittens, has gradually reduced the transaction speed of Ethereum due to the huge demand for transactions every second. Blockchains are decentralized and are segregated over the internet on several computers, which assists the technology in maintaining accurate and transparent records. However, this  decentralization results in a slow updating time.

Loom Network situated in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, have claimed that it has developed a much faster a blockchain infrastructure. The company also announced a $25million raised through funding. The company says that this new infrastructure enables large-scale games and social apps to be built on top of the blockchain. If you would like to know the bank timings check it here vnetbanking.

When blockchain is used in such context on Loom Network, users will own a copy of their data and servers cannot be shut down arbitrarily without community approval. As a matter of fact, the community at large will always have the last word with any decentralized apps (DApps) that run on the blockchain. It is the purest form of digital democracy for the future of the internet.

James Duffy, co-founder of Loom Network stated that “With Bitcoin came the world’s first blockchain, a decentralized ledger of financial transactions that cannot be counterfeited, forged, or modified,” Further adding. “Ethereum took it a step further by allowing developers to upload indelible pieces of code into the Blockchain, called ‘smart contracts’. Loom Network is the next logical step in this evolution — it enables developers to run these unstoppable applications on a large scale.”

Loom Network furnishes DApps with substantially more prominent adaptability by running each DApp all alone blockchain — called a DAppChain — which keeps running in parallel to an Ethereum savvy contract. With Loom Network, you could run a million CryptoKitties at the same time without worrying about network clog or hinder other imperative exchanges, the organization said.

Since the standards on a DAppChain can be tweaked  with Lucky Patcher in view of an individual DApp’s needs, Loom Network makes it conceivable to run huge applications on the blockchain without stressing over censorship, decentralization, or scalability from an outsider. Designers can utilize Loom Network’s software development kit (SDK) to rapidly manufacture their own particular blockchain-based DApps without understanding the hidden blockchain foundation.

Duffy also said in a statement “I foresee a future where the Internet is built up of large-scale decentralized applications that are community-owned, forkable, transparent, and immune to censorship or control from a single party,”

Explaining further he said “Changes to the code are voted on by community members, so once a developer releases an application to the world, it takes on a life of its own and he no longer has total control over it. Applications become like living, breathing entities. There’s a kind of organic freedom there that’s almost poetic.”

To feature the idea of DAppChains, Loom Network as of late discharged DelegateCall, a social inquiry and-answer site for engineers that runs totally on the blockchain. On DelegateCall, clients can get some information about blockchains and DApp advancement. DelegateCall gives money related motivations for clients who give the most elevated quality answers. Whenever inquiries and answers are voted up by different clients, as opposed to just winning futile karma focuses, they can trade their karma for an ERC20 token, which can be sold for genuine cash.

Loom Network is further in charge of CryptoZombies – the asset on figuring out how to fabricate Ethereum DApps. CryptoZombies shows designers how to compose brilliant contracts in a progression of intuitive instructional exercises in which clients assemble their own particular crypto-collectible Zombie Game. Since it’s dispatch only a couple of months prior, more than 130,000 or more designers have utilized CryptoZombies to learn DApp improvement.

Loom Network is a part of TechStars accelerator and was founded by Matthew Campbell, James Duffy, and  Luke Zhang back in 2017.

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