How Virtual Numbers Can Help Scale Up Your Business With The Right Provider

By | June 7, 2022

Did you know that your investments don’t have to be expensive? We’d even go to say that expanding your business can cost less than what you spend per month on a couple of nice dinners.

You see, thanks to the internet, everything’s relatively easier now. We’re all more connected, so reaching out to audiences that would otherwise be out of your reach is not just possible, it’s also very cheap.

And the key to expanding your business empire? Buy phone numbers online. For as long as you partner up with the right provider for your needs, your odds of success shoot right up.

If you want to know just how this tech can help your enterprise, keep reading. It may just change the course to your success.

Virtual number explained

If you’ve ever had to call someone decades before, you’ll have to jam a SIM card in your phone for it to work. We’re not saying that this method is obsolete, but there’s been an upgrade that you may have overlooked.

A VoIP number can do everything that your traditional number can do and so much more. Using this, you can:

  • Cut your phone bill. If you normally receive or make calls abroad, that bill must be pretty steep. But instead of relying on highly impersonal emails, you can still call them as you normally do but without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Protect your privacy. You probably get a lot of spam emails, and we’re sure you don’t just hand out your personal email. Just imagine if they get a hold of your personal number. Fortunately, that won’t be a problem with virtual numbers.
  • Expand your business. You can have audiences in a foreign market access a local number to your enterprise even though you’ve never stepped foot there.
  • Create a location-independent team. Because you’re not tied to any one location, you can take advantage of cheaper labor elsewhere for customer support.
  • Create text marketing campaigns. Combining the power of internet automation with your virtual phone number can help you generate leads and sales.

And to access these advantages, you can get started with this small yet powerful investment using an app. Some providers also let you use the site itself, but you have to check with them to be sure.

If you want it to be like a shadow number to your real number, you just have to connect the two. No one will know the difference.

Why HotTelecom’s virtual phone number is the only choice 

A leading provider in the telecommunications market, HotTelecom is one of the most popular providers right now.

And that’s not without a reason. For more than a decade, they have been the unofficial industry standard, constantly outdoing themselves as far as standards are concerned. With them, you can expect:

Quality connection

You never have to worry about low-quality audio with them. And this is especially important if you want to make it seem your business is located locally.

They’re consistent in providing this quality connection too. So no matter when you need your number, you know you can always rely on it.

Variety of number options

They already feature numbers from more than 90 countries and 6,400 cities. But apart from having an extensive option of numbers, they also offer different types of virtual phone numbers.

Currently, they offer voice, SMS, toll-free, fax, and one-use. So for both business and personal use, they work!


You can add new numbers anytime or get rid of them if you need to pare down your operations. HotTelecom is always flexible, helping you make communications as cost-efficient as possible.

Start, grow, and succeed with HotTelecom

With all of their 11,000 satisfied clients in mind, they are constantly working on giving you the best experience possible with their range of services.

HotTelecom offers a variety of additional services which are purely optional but will all be very helpful once you scale up. And that’s what’s so great about them. They’re perfect for every level of business, so you’re not forced into buying something you don’t need just yet.

But at the same time, they treat every client like kings. By providing everything you can possibly need from a virtual number, you can focus on high-level initiatives that can help you scale up.

And every step of the way, HotTelecom is right there for support.

Buying and using your VoIP phone number from HotTelecom

Ready to get started on VoIP numbers? HotTelecom makes it easy for you to purchase and get started:

  1. Choose your number. This includes the type you need and the location. You’ll see the numbers available in that chosen area from which you can select one. At this point, you also determine the destination point for all the calls and texts that would go through it.
  2. Review the details. You’ll see how much you’ll pay for the number. They offer discounts (as much as 10%) for contracts longer than 3 months too.
  3. Complete the order. If you haven’t signed up with them yet, you’ll need to do so before you complete the purchase. Otherwise, choose from more than 100 payment methods available.

That’s it! And to start using your new virtual phone number, just use HotTelecom’s recommended app. Depending on where everything is routed, you may use Telegram, your personal number, or even your email address.

Once you’ve acquired this new level of connectivity when you buy a phone number, you can now open new growth possibilities. See you at the top!

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