How to Organize Your Mobile Apps Strategically?

By | March 1, 2021

Imagine the stress of having to find a pair of socks from heaps of clean laundry in the morning, especially when you are running late for work. Makes you want to turn the whole house inside out in frustration, right?

Similar is the case with app-cluttered smartphones. If you have to spend more than one minute trying to locate an app across a multitude of home screens, then ‘Houston, we have a problem’.

The thing about these apps is that, given their immediate convenience, you tend to download them one after another, and then forget to remove them once their purpose is fulfilled. This is how they build up over time and bear down on your smartphone’s overall performance.

However, there is a tried-and-tested solution to this problem, namely thorough de-cluttering and app organization. Now, this might seem like an overwhelming and time-taking task but do not worry, I have your back. Here are a few creative tips, which will help you along the way. Check them out below:

Verb Labelling

Keep your home screens clean and well-organized by shifting the haphazard apps into smartly labeled folders. Take a minute to meditate on which apps you use daily and which apps just sit there performing no function. Remove the latter ones. This widget clearing will boost your smartphone’s speed. After that, make folders based on verbs like, ‘Listen’ for the music app, ‘Watch’ for videos, photo gallery, and Netflix, etc., and ‘Work’ for all those Microsoft Office apps. This measure will make everything super-accessible to you in times of dire need.

Strategic Placing

This tip depends on how you hold your smartphone, and whether you use one hand or two to access the apps, etc. In case you prefer holding the smartphone in the right hand vertically and using it with the right thumb, then relocating the frequently used apps closest to the right edge will make maneuverability much easier. It is all about strategic placement. For other positions, check out the tutorials online, if you have a super-fast internet connection.

Color Coding

Some people have a really strong visual memory. If you are one of those individuals, then you will find this tip quite handy. Smartphone applications are designed in such a way that they have unique, distinctive, and memorable icons. What you can do is make folders based upon these icons’ color schemes and arrange apps thereby. For instance, a ‘Blue’ folder on your home screen can have Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, Weather, and other blue-icon apps.

Thematic Arranging

If you are not into color coding, then you can use ‘themes’ to arrange your frequently-used apps on the home screen. You may go row-wise or column-wise. Assort your apps into genres, like ‘social media’ (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), ‘day planning’ (Calendars, Memos, Reminders), ‘office’ (Google Docs, Adobe), ‘workout’ (Fitbit, Yoga), and ‘party’ (Soundcloud), etc. Get as creative as you like. Moreover, once all the grouping is done, make your rows/columns to ease the process of navigation.

Alphabetical Ordering

This is also one of the most creative ways you can arrange your home screen apps, granted you have a special affinity to the alphabetical order. There are three ways you can go about it. One, you can make ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ etc. folders and allocate the respective apps in them. Two, if you are not fond of folders, you can arrange the apps in an alphabetical order manually. Three, you can do it the quick way. If you have an iPhone, then go to ‘Settings’, tap ‘General’, scroll down and tap ‘Reset’ and lastly, tap ‘Reset Home Screen Layout’. This will place the apps in their default positions i.e. alphabetically.

Final Words

So, by implementing the aforementioned tips, you can easily de-clutter your apps and speed up your smartphone’s performance. To make the most out of your smartphone, make sure that you are connected to a high-speed internet connection that enables you to download all the required apps within seconds. If you are looking for such a connection, then simply click here and the website will redirect you to the best internet plans available in your area. So, connect your phone to a fast internet service right away, and start arranging your apps in an organized manner. That is all for today, stay tuned for more interesting updates.

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