Helpful Tips to Choose the Best File Conversion Tool!

By | February 9, 2021

There are hundreds if not thousands of online converter tools found on the internet. It can be a hassle for a user to find a reputed and reliable one. In this short post, we will shower some helpful tips that would help you choose the best conversion tool. We have also listed information about some of the top-notch pdf to word converter tools so that you can save time in finding the right service.

So, let us begin with the helpful tips using which you can choose the best file!

Helpful tips for choosing the best file conversion tools!

Here are the top tips and the different factors you have to look for while searching for the right tool.

Elements Extraction and layout preservation!

The first important thing that you have to look for in a pdf to word or any other converter tool is to preserve the format and the layout of the original file. Many online converter tools can convert pdf to doc. Still, only a few of them can keep up the original style, the quality, and the format of the input file. 

Multiple converting formats and options!

You must also always look for a converter tool that can handle one and multiple types of conversion. For instance, you must always go for a tool that can convert pdf to word and word to pdf like a pro. Furthermore, a reliable tool must be capable of handling all sorts of formats as input. This would help a user make multiple types of conversions. 

Efficiency and nice converting speed!

An especially important thing that you need to find in an online converter is its speed and efficiency. You must keep one thing in mind. The online pdf to word or word to pdf converter tools are used because they can speed up conversion if compared to the manual conversion of files by hand. If a tool is not efficient then and quick in its conversion, then there is no point in using it. You must always pick a tool that can convert a pdf to doc in less than three to four seconds.

OCR Supported!

Now it is also especially important for a tool to have the OCR feature in it. To convert scanned pdf to word, you need a tool that has an OCR feature in it. So, when you are looking for an online utility, you always have to make sure that it has the image to text conversion feature. This will help you change scanned pdf files to word and convert all other image formats to editable text.

Security in the conversion of files!

You must look for a tool that can provide privacy for your content. There are tons of pdf to word converter tools on the web, but only a few of them offer secure conversions. Always look for a pdf to word converter which deletes your input files as soon as you complete the conversion process. 

Batch conversion and other tasks!

When you have decided to convert pdf to word online, you have to look for a tool that can provide you with advanced services like batch conversions and other multi-tasking. A tool that allows you to convert and edit, compress, lock, merge, and split files is more accepted than the one that can only cater to file conversion. This is an important feature to look for in an online tool.

System compatibility!

Being accurate and reliable is not enough if you cannot use the tool on your device. Many tools can provide designated services to desktop and laptop systems. The best converter tool is the one that can be used on all sorts of devices and run on all operating systems.

Friendly interface!

Users are not interested in a website or a tool that has a difficult and complicated interface. You must look for a pdf to word converter with a simple and attractive interface and can be understood even by a layman.


Price is one of the leading deciding factors. If a tool is paid, then there is no way that you should go for it at least to convert pdf to word. You must always look for free tools that are a relief in your pocket.

Some of the best converter tools that you should try in 2021!

Try some reliable pdf to docs converter online tools:

  • PDF to Word converter by
  • PDF element.
  • Small PDF
  • Soda PDF
  • SmallSEOTools 

Using either of the above-listed tools, you can easily convert pdf to word like a pro. You must know that these online converter services are the ones that have all the features that we have listed above. Moreover, these tools are perfect for personal and professional use; thus, you can try them. For more interesting information about the best converters, stay tuned with us!

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