How Kratom is Taking the Crypto World by Storm?

By | September 30, 2020

What do kratom and cryptocurrency have in common? To start with, they’ve both taken the crypto-world by storm over the last decade. Cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts may also be able to benefit more than most from using kratom. If you buy the right strain and dose it correctly, kratom can help you retain your focus, give you an energy boost, and help you deal with some of the problems that frequently affect crypto traders.

If you’re a seasoned crypto enthusiast who’s new to kratom, there are a few things you need to know. First, you need to know where to buy kratom, we suggest giving Kratom Krush a try. Second, you should learn how to dose kratom correctly to get maximum energy-boosting effects. Finally, you’ll need some advanced knowledge of how to choose strains. This article will give you all the Bitcoins you need to get started.

How to Find High-Quality Kratom

The best way to get your hands on high-quality kratom is to find a reputable vendor and buy it online. This herbal supplement is sometimes available in powdered or capsule form in smoke shops and specialty stores, but it’s much more difficult to evaluate quality when you go this route. Your options will be more limited in terms of both brands and strains, and you won’t be able to research the manufacturer to make sure you’re getting the right product.

Instead of buying whatever is available at the local store, find a kratom vendor, you can trust to provide high-quality products at competitive prices. Suppose you’re enough of an Internet veteran to be into cryptocurrency. In that case, you already know the drill when it comes to vetting a company by reading reviews and checking out its website. You should also make sure the company tests its products to ensure potency and purity.

Get the Dosage Right

It’s essential to get the dosage right when you start any new herbal supplement regime. However, the dosage is more important than usual when you use kratom. That’s because kratom produces different effects depending on how much of it you take. If you take a small amount of kratom, it will have a stimulant effect. Take more than a little of this fascinating herb, and you’ll feel relaxed and, in some cases, exhausted.

If you want to use kratom to increase your focus while you’re trading crypto online, you’ll need to keep your doses low. As you get more experience and build up a tolerance, you can increase your doses until you find the right amount. Experts recommend starting with no more than a gram.

Since the FDA doesn’t regulate herbal supplements, there are no set-in-stone dosage recommendations for kratom. Use the following information as a general guideline:

  • Less than one gram of kratom is a low dose that will produce a stimulant effect on new users.
  • One to five grams of kratom will increase energy and focus for more experienced kratom users.
  • Five to 12 grams of kratom will offer a more relaxed, sedating effect.
  • More than 12 grams can increase your risk of experiencing side effects, so you might want to think of this as the upper limit unless you have a very high tolerance.

Factors that Influence Dosage Requirements

Every consumer’s body responds to kratom in different ways. This makes it even harder to dose kratom correctly the first time, which is part of why experts recommend starting with minimal doses. It’s fair just to work your way up. From there, but if you want to be especially careful, you can also learn what factors influence dosage requirements. They vary by person, but can include:

  • The potency of the kratom
  • Your tolerance to kratom
  • Your body weight
  • How fast you metabolize the kratom
  • Whether you eat before taking it
  • What kind of diet you usually follow
  • Your age
  • Your unique genetic makeup

Serious crypto traders can’t afford to miss the deal of a lifetime by messing up their doses. Instead, just start with one gram, wait an hour to see what happens, and up the amount by 0.5g per hour until you start experiencing effects.

Best Strains for Improved Online Performance

If you want to improve your crypto trading performance, you’ll need to find the best kratom for energy, focus, and motivation. Read here to know about some of the most impactful strains. Your best options will be white strains since these are the ones best known for their stimulating effects. Avoid red strains, which tend to be more sedating. You can take certain green strains, which offer a comfortable middle ground between red and white, as well.

Don’t want to experiment endlessly before finding the right strain? Learn from the pros and try one of the top-five most highly recommended strains for energy described below.

1. White Thai

White Thai kratom is an energizing, uplifting, and euphoric strain that’s great for staying focused and reducing anxiety. If you’re a fan of caffeine, you might want to consider replacing that morning cup of coffee with a cup of White Thai kratom tea to get your day started the right way. It will give you the energy boost you need without those caffeine jitters, helping you stay focused and motivated to trade.

2. White Maeng Da

White Maeng Da kratom is a potent hybrid strain that offers just as much mental and physical stimulation as White Thai, though its effects are less euphoric. Unless you’re a big fan of stimulants, you probably don’t want to start your kratom journey with White Maeng Da. Once you have some experience with this and other stimulant strains, though, it will quickly become your go-to for serious afternoon energy boosts to get you through long days behind the screen.

3. White Sumatra

White Sumatra is unique among the white strains in that it confers some analgesic properties. Unlike red strains, which are great for pain relief but won’t usually give you the boost in focus and motivation you need to keep on track as a crypto trader, White Sumatra will still provide you with plenty of energy. If you’re sick of dealing with a sore back after hours sitting behind the screen but don’t want to take medications or supplements that will make you tired, White Sumatra kratom is a great option.

4. Green Malay

Green Malay may not be as energizing as the top-performing white strains, but it’s more stimulating than the average dose of kratom. It’s also more euphoric than most white strains, which can be an added benefit. That euphoria can help to relieve your anxiety and increase your motivation, even if you’ve been at it for hours already.

5. Green Maeng Da

Kratom enthusiasts usually use Green Maeng Da for both energy and anxiety relief. If you’re prone to overstimulation, you might want to give it a shot. Green Maeng Da is also a perfect energy-boosting strain for newcomers to kratom who haven’t yet built up a tolerance.

The Kratom Difference

Once you’ve tried kratom, you’ll never go back to pounding energy drinks and taking over-the-counter painkillers to tackle pain. This natural supplement offers a much more clear-headed form of mental and physical stimulation that can give you a serious competitive edge in the crypto trading world.

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