Top 8 hitBTC alternatives that offer cheaper trading fees

By | December 20, 2023

hitBTC was launched back in 2014 as one of the most promising cryptocurrency exchanges. It had ambitious goals but unfortunately due to improper customer wallet handling and security concerns, hitBTC has fallen way below in the pecking order. The truth is that there are several hitBTC alternatives that offer better features to users. 

For those of you who are new to the crypto space, you can check out this hitBTC review for a deeper understanding of the exchange. And for users who are already convinced about finding an alternative solution, here are the top picks: 

hitBTC alternatives (How to chose the ideal replacement?)

To justify my picks I have given a detailed explanation of each exchange mentioned below. But prior to that, I had to ensure that all the alternatives are similar to hitBTC and offer these core features: Safety, Available worldwide, Higher liquidity rate, Fiat trading, and list all major cryptocurrency trading pairs.


Binance is the world’s largest trading exchange by volume. Regular updates and innovations make Binance the ideal hitBTC alternative. The fee structure is moderate and by opting for the native BNB token users can get an added discount. Here you will find verified and better crypto pairs in comparison to those available on hitBTC. 

Binance Exchange

Top features of Binance Exchange

+ Includes derivatives cryptocurrency market  to trade futures with leverage

+ Quick order entry window

+Includes Fiat trading 

+Requires KYC to registering an account

+Tier 1 users can withdraw upto 2 BTC daily

My review on Binance

Binance is a dream exchange for any crypto investor. I reckon it’s one of the safest places to create a wallet and save your cryptocurrency. For an exchange with the highest volume, the customer support response time is really impressive. This Binance review contains better insights about the exchange for those of you looking for thorough research.

Overall Rating:9.5/10


hitBTC is not available for US residents but if you are used to trading on the exchange simply switch to Kraken. It has a decent set of coins listed. But what’s truly impressive is that Kraken is one of the first major exchanges to be fully compliant with regulatory watchdogs. Overall Kraken is the safest alternative to hitBTC.

Kraken Exchange

Top features of Kraken

+.Includes Fiat trading with US dollars

+Includes margin trading for high volume trades

+Users are approved after a diligent KYC test

+Fees is comparatively higher than most exchanges

My review on Kraken 

Kraken has always been a part of many crypto debates given its compliance with regulators. But in my opinion, it is one of the safest if not the safest crypto exchanges on the internet. If you are willing to pay a slightly higher fee then I highly recommend it as an alternative to hitBTC.  If you want more insights you can check out this review on Kraken.

Overall Rating:9/10


Coinbase is the highest-ranked US-based cryptocurrency exchange in terms of volume. The biggest advantage of Coinbase is transparency. The exchange providers a simple interface where users can read every aspect clearly. It also cooperates with regulators for delivering a safe exchange for users.

coinbase exchange

Top features of Coinbase

+3rd largest crypto exchange by volume

+Quick registration

+Available worldwide

+Stringent KYC checks

My review on Coinbase

Coinbase is similar to Binance in terms of available trading options. It is one of the most transparent cryptocurrency exchanges. There is no fine print which in my opinion makes it an ideal hitBTC replacement. 

Overall Rating: 9/10

The next one is the 6th largest crypto exchange by trading volume as per CMC. Founded back in 2017 is one of the best alternatives to hitBTC if you are looking for an exchange where a majority of crypto tokens are listed. cryptocurrency exchange

Top features of

+Available in 48 US states

+Has most of the cryptocurrencies listed

+Available worldwide

+ margin trading with 3-10X leverage rates varying from market to market

+Also allows Borrow to lending

My review on

Headquartered in Seattle, is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that claims to provide added safety to user wallets. However, it does not include Fiat trading which is a massive letdown especially since all top exchanges in 2021 have the feature. 

Overall Rating:7.5/10


Fast order execution is the main USP of Bittrex. Founded back in 2014 this US-based exchange is a clear upgrade from hitBTC. The number of coins listed on Bittrex is the most that you will find on any exchange. 

Top features of Bittrex

+Fast order execution

+One of the oldest crypto exchanges

+Uses can deposit fiat money through banking cards

+Relatively higher trading fees

My review on Bittrex

As one of the earliest Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, I would like to give a major shoutout to Bittrex. As the streets would say, “a true OG among crypto exchanges.” Unfortunately, the Bittrex $1 million hacks back in 2019 has continued to impact its proceedings. Overall, it is a good alternative to trade crypto but comes with certain risks involved.  

Overall Rating:7/10 is registered as a UK-based crypto exchange. 101 Hudson Street, 21st Floor, Jersey City, NJ 07302 is the address of headquarters as per its official website. has higher liquidity than hitBTC and also includes more trading pairs. Users can choose to buy crypto coins using multiple payment methods including fiat currency which makes the whole process a lot more efficient. The trading charts are easy to analyze making it a perfect hitBTC replacement for a beginner to a crypto expert. exchange

Top features of

+Compliant with regulations

+Legal exchange for cryptocurrency trading worldwide

+Multiple payment methods including fiat trading

+Supports more than 70 coins

+High liquidity rate

My review on is often overlooked in comparison to the likes of Binance or Coinbase. But after a thorough review, I was quite impressed by It does not have a high volume but if it remains on track with its plans this is soon to change. Overall it’s a good alternative to hitBTC, but I would still prefer if it restructures its trading fee.

Overall Rating:8/10


OKEx is ranked 12th in terms of largest cryptocurrency exchanges by volume. An impressive feat for an exchange that does not support any fiat currency yet. But it does bolsters more that 300 crypto assets that users can trade.  I would recommend OKEx to users who wish to switch to an exchange like hitBTC that has low fees.

OKEX exchange

My Review

OKEx is a centralized exchange which makes it a safe place to trade or store cryptocurrencies. OKEx is simple to use and secure so this is an exchange I would suggest to new users. But for crypto experts or large financial institutions, Binance would be the more suitable alternative. US-based residents may want to check out Kraken or CEX.IO as OKEx is not available in the US.

Overall Rating: 8/10


Bitfinex was originally launched in British Virgin Islands but now operates from Hong Kong. It has a clean User Interface for better reading of trading charts. The exchange finds its USP in margin trading and margin funding. It has a complicated fee structure so I have explained it in detail on this Bitfinex review in case you wish to check it out.

bitfinex exchange

My Review on Bitfinex

Investing on Bitfinex can be done with low fees which makes it one of the best hitBTC alternative. I am particularly impressed with its large trading volume as it shows higher liquidity rate. The exchange allows wire transfers but as a user I would also like if it starts accepting banking cards.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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