HexCash – A Truly Decentralized Fund Management System

By | May 7, 2018

HexCash platform offers a HODL program which is a truly decentralized system. HexCash tokens are ERC20 based Cryptocurrency developed using public Blockchain Ethereum. By holding HexCash tokens the platform pays bonus amount as written in smart contract hosted at Ethereum Blockchain. HexCash is truly decentralized as all the transactions are automated using the smart contract. HexCash has developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) based bot which signals predictions about the future trading. HexCash will multiply funds by Cryptocurrency trading and forex trading. With years of trading experiences at prominent exchanges HexCash has calculated the profit share with investors.

HexCore, the AI engine, is tried and tested program for highest level of accuracy in signalling and predictions. HexCore is based on neural architectural technology adapted for exchange trading. HexCore has machine learning capabilities to calculate accurately the next profit position in real-time. This makes the currency trader’s life easier and empowers the trading with highest profitability. HexCore is the nucleus of all trading activities of HexCash.

HexCash has come up with buy back scheme. HexCash will buy back the tokens in double price if an investor chooses to withdraw. This buyback program is for the investors who participated in ICO of HexCash. After three months of HexCash platform launch, any ICO investor can participate in the 2X program. It looks a win-win situation for all the HexCash token investors. Either ICO participants continue the holding of tokens and receive various bonuses declared in the smart contract or, get double of invested money and return tokens to HexCash. This makes HexCash a trustworthy platform of Cryptocurrency world.

HexCash has warned investors on their website www.hexcash.com that any investment in the world is associated with some risks. Before any investment in HexCash, terms and conditions mentioned on the website must be consulted.

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