Guide on speeding up your PC

By | November 24, 2020

If you want to make your PC have higher performance, we got you covered. Follow these few steps from, and the magic will work out just fine. 

  1. Alter your power settings

If you are using the latest Windows 10, there is an option for power saving. We advise that you do away with it as it slows down your machine to save energy. Alter it to high performance or balanced to boost it up.

  1. Cancel programs that run on startup

Another reason why your PC will feel sluggish is when you have a lot of background running applications, and they may be programs that you rarely even use. The trick is to disable them from running, and you will have a smooth performance.

  1. Utilize ReadyBoost to speed up disk caching

Windows 10 stores data that is known as cache on the hard disk. When it needs the data, it gets fetched from the same root file. The speed of your hard disk will determine how long it takes to find the data. If you are using the traditional hard disk, use the ReadyBoost to speed up your cache. It will direct windows to store the data on a flash drive that will be much easier to locate.

  1. Disable Windows tips and tricks

When you are in the process of using your machine, the operating system keeps an eye on what you are doing and will give you suggestions on what you would like to do. The tips are rarely helpful, in my opinion. When the system is on, you will have a slugging machine, which will even annoy you more. If you want to speed things up, disable the processes.

  1. Disable syncing of OneDrive

Onedrive is a cloud storage system that comes with the operating system of Windows 10. It assists in keeping files and can be a backup tool for when your hard drive crashes. You will still get your files intact and will only require you to hit the restore button. It syncs files between the cloud and your PC, which can slow down your computer.

  1. Clean your hard drive

If you have a full drive with files you no longer need or use, you could be slowing down the sped f the performance of your PC. Clearing the clutter will boost the speed of your machine. You have the option of customizing your storage sense and, make it free up even more space for you to make your working flawless. You can also tell it to delete files in the download folder.

  1. Sweep the registry

The registry tracks everything and controls most of the things about the look and working of the computer. It contains information about your storage, the type of files, and the programs you use to execute commands. The downside of the registry is that it does not clean residual files after you have uninstalled a program. It, therefore, piles up useless files that you do not need at all. To do this, you will need a registry cleaner, and you can find most of them online. There are [paid versions and free versions. Of course, the paid ones do some pretty jobs compared to the free ones. You don’t need to purchase one as Auslogics Registry Cleaner can help you sort out this mess.

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