Great Ideas to Become a Better Graphic Designer

By | September 25, 2020

Graphic designers are in high demand these days. People who are thinking about pursuing this career might be put off by the amount of competition. However, that should not be a big concern. There will always be work for those who are good at their job. The only problem is reaching a point where you are considered to be a cut above the rest of the graphic designers out there.

The road might be even harder if you are not studying graphic design at university or college. But again, that should not be a problem as there are plenty of successful self-taught designers.

So how do you become a designer that stands out from others and gets enough work so that it becomes possible to make a living from this job? Well, here are some ideas that should help you get in the groove of things.

Idea #1 – Set up Proper Workspace

Your work environment can be the difference-maker between having success and failing. An experienced professional reviews their workspace before committing. The desk, the computer, even the chair they sit on should be in good condition.

If you are unhappy with your surroundings, do not expect to have a good workflow. And putting on relaxing music will not fix the problem. You need to get in the habit of trying to achieve the best possible working environment you can. 

Idea #2 – Get Inspiration From the Best

The idea of becoming a graphic designer should stem from more than just wanting to make money from it, right? Someone must have inspired you to pursue this dream. 

Looking for more inspiration from the best available sources is a good way to ensure that you do not get lost even if the motivation levels become relatively low. It is easy to get in a slump, especially when things are not going for you for a while. That is when you need to remember what made you become a graphic designer in the first place.

Idea #3 – Ask for Genuine Feedback

Constructive criticism is always welcome. It does not have to come from other graphic designers, though words from them might hold more weight. 

Find out what others think about your work. You can even use anonymous boards where people post their work in order to get critiqued. So long as there is something to learn from it, any kind of feedback should be appreciated.

Idea #4 – Build Portfolio

Start building your portfolio as soon as you start. Even if the work you do at first is relatively simple, it is still something to show future employers.

Plenty of graphic designers start with cheap gigs on freelancer websites and move their way to the top from there. The most important thing is all the experience you gain as well as something to prove that you have the necessary skills. 

Idea #5 – Explore Different Work Tools

Sticking to your usual working tools might not be the best approach in the world. You could be experiencing creativity blocks because the software you use does not have some features. Moreover, the popularity of graphic design incentivizes new and innovative tools that can make the life of a graphic designer much simpler. Be on the lookout for those, since missing out could lead to your competition getting an advantage and getting ahead of you.

Idea #6 – Consume As Much Learning Material As You Can

Similar to new and innovative tools, there are a lot of sources that you can learn from, especially online. Online education has been gaining momentum long before the Covid-19 thanks to platforms like Udemy and Skillshare.

You will not be able to consume every single video or article due to a lack of time. However, learning from others as much as possible is a good piece of advice. Find graphic designers or other entrepreneurs that you believe produce the best content, and follow them throughout your career.

Idea #7 – Network With Others

There is strength in numbers. Thanks to social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, networking with other like-minded people has never been easier. Social media has replaced forums because of how much more convenient the format of social media is.

You can join relevant groups, add other graphic designers to your friend list, keep in touch with clients, and follow the most recent news and trends of the industry. It is no secret that social media sites are usually the first to get hold of something important. The more value you have in your social media circles, the easier it will be to proceed with 

Idea #8 – Enter Contests

Finding a good contest can be pretty hard, but this is where you will truly test your skills as a graphic designer. Try to enter contests that you believe are worth your time and will be a good learning experience. Even if you do not take the first place, there are still a lot of benefits from participating in such events. 

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